Zaro’s Bronx Cretzel

Zaro’s Bronx Cretzel

Visually, the Cretzel looks just about right, with genetic features from both parents – a croissant shape and a pretzely outer crust. The taste was quite excellent. I have tried other pretzel buns and pretzel breads with high hopes – only to find that they tasted like brown, staling bread. Not so with the Cretzel.

The Cretzel is mostly croissant, and a tasty one at that. It doesn’t try to marry airy croissant-ness the with dense pretzel-ness. But the dark crust and big salt on the outside evoke enough pretzel to make the whole thing legit. The big salt cubes, normally atop a dense, a chewy pretzel were a little jarring on the more delicate croissant form – but they were used judiciously, so the Cretzel wasn’t over-salted.


The Cretzel comes in a distant wake of 2014’s Cronut (a tasty donut/croissant hybrid). A Frankenstein’s monster of pretzel and croissant, the Cretzel is, I believe, looking to be the next big thing. My Cretzel was from Zaros, conveniently located in Grand Central Terminal, in perfect position for a commuting-time covert snack.

The Cronut was made mainstream by Dunkin Donuts, but … “Don’t call it a Cronut!” (Please read that line in the voice of LL Cool J.). Because that name is the legal property of the inventor. Will the Cretzel archive similar heights? Probably not. It’s just not as delicious and indulgent as the Cronut. But in an understated and noble way, this Cretzel delivers on what it promises and deserves acclaim. I hope the Cretzel sticks around.