What is a sandwich? – Episode 3

Is a burrito a sandwich?  How about a hot dog?  Rod gets fired up at the answer according to the state of New York.  Then, the guys share their expert advice on covert snacking… four key tips for not getting caught in the act of stuffing your face, including some widely proven garbage can strategies. Last, but not least, Hugh and Rod review Doritos Loaded with conflicting results.


Sandwich infographic_5

(11:56) Strategic Snacking – Can you eat with ninja-like efficiency?  Craving a forbidden goodie that would set an unhealthy example for your kids?  Hankering for a snack that might make you appear unsupportive of your spouse’s diet?  Follow these handy tips to score some tasty and unhealthy grub while staying off the grid.

  • Volunteer to run errands – this will give you the opportunity to bring a snack, or pick up something tasty “off the grid” while simultaneously getting credit for being helpful.
  • Trash the trash – be sure to dispose of packaging, trash, and receipts before coming home.  Public trash bins are bountiful and ideal. If you arrive home with any snack-related trash, make use of your garage/outdoor trash. Be sure to bury the evidence a bit.
  • No paper trail – When possible, avoid making your strategic snacking purchase along with your “errand-related” purchases – instead, make a separate transaction with its own receipt (which should go in the trash – not your pocket!)
  • Choose wisely – Prioritize snacks that are less likely to leave physical evidence of your snack (smells, crumbs, stains, grease smudges on the steering wheel). Some top, hearty low-risk suggestions include milkshakes, beef jerky, cheese or peanut butter crackers (utilize the “suck-in” method, to vacuum in crumbs).
  • Urban snacking – if you travel without a car in a neighborhood, be aware that you lack the cover of a vehicle and locals known to you may get a kick out of reporting your snacking patterns to loved ones

(22:16) Snack Food Review – 7-11 Doritos Loaded

  • The Snack: Doritos Loaded (hereinafter “Loaded”) is a fried-cheese-style snack with a nacho cheese interior and a Dorito flavored breading/dusting on the exterior.
  • Avoid freshness: Don’t accept “Loaded” right from the oven/microwave.  If you can’t get the ones that were sitting under the heat lamp all day, pass on this snack.
  • Watch your tongue:  Rod’s “Loaded” were “surface of the sun hot,” and even a two-minute break in the air conditioning did not prevent a scorched mouth.  If you have to wait two minutes to eat it, then its validity as a snack is diminished.
  • Repeat customer: Considering warmed and congealed behind the glass upon arrival, Hugh did make a return visit to 7-11 and went for a strategic and covert second hit of “Loaded.”
  • Also of note: “Loaded” is another entry in the parade of Dorito’s branded foods such as the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos.