Welcome to the Gum Show with Gary Costello – Ep. 82

Chewing gum expert, connoisseur, and wunderkind, Gary Costello, comes into the studio as Rod and Hugh look back at Episode 67 to address some of their anti-gum rhetoric.  Is gum useless, messy, flavorless, and for du mmies?  Probably not.

Hugh shares how he was raised to be a gum-fearing child and then plays a classic Lonnie Dongan top ten hit – “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose its Flavor Overnight?”

Gary tells everyone what you can expect from a “long lasting” flavored gum and Rod naively calls balderdash on sustained flavor for more than 20 seconds, poorly citing Double Bubble.  Gary responds.

Gary lists his five major uses and purposes for gum: (1) Appetite suppressant (2) Breath freshening (3) throat moistening (4) enhanced performance while exercising (5) focus for mental activity.

Hugh drops some Reader’s Digest science just before Gary makes a wild Family Ties reference.

Rod acknowledges that perhaps he should take gum when offered, considering its breath freshening properties.

Gary Costello: Gum Wunderkind? Coming out of nowhere? Cinderella story? Do Hugh and Rod even know what a Wunderkind is?

Blow Pops, ice cream with gum inside, and other gum-flavored, non-gum items – an insult to gum purists? or the best kind of treat?

Letting your children chew gum – risks and rewards.  Pros: Keeps them busy. Healthy teeth and gums from a xylo-burst? Cons: Gum where gum should not be.

Orbitz Orbit Orbitz Orbit – Hugh pulls a rookie move and refers to “Orbit” gum, as “Orbitz”

Gum has gotten expensive.  Gary tells us all the options and some tips for blister packs, pellets, and sticks so you can chew frugally.

A nice medley of classic Wrigley’s commercial jingles – Juicy Fruit is Gonna move ya!

Big League Chew and Bubble Tape – is there any wrong way to eat these?  Our advice – go big on these with a “man sized wad,” as stated in Big League Chew’s advertising copy.

Gary prioritizes: taste vs. lasting flavor vs. texture and then rates the various gum brands (Eclipse, Wrigley’s, Extra, Polar Ice, Trident White Pellets (best in show), Orbit Crystal Mint (off the market), Dentyne Fire, Big Red (lookout for sugar)

Gary shares a heartwarming childhood memory of Trident Cinnamon and his beloved grandmother.

Specialty gums – Local & International Gums, Airwaves (gum cough drop?), Aspergum (Gum Asprin?), and Gator Gum

How could gum pay for a young Gary Costello’s Disney vacation?

Gary gives his thoughts on horrible, chalky baseball card/collector card gum.

Taste testing 30-year old gum – Hugh does a live taste test with one unopened pack of collectors cards from 1978 (Superman the Movie) and two from 1989 (Back to the Future 2, and Ghostbusters 2) with the gum still inside.  Could this be the last episode of the Hungry Dads Podcast?  Will Hugh be poisoned? Could he become a ghost that must be busted? As Mary McFly would say, “This is heavy, Doc…”