Travel (Food) Tips – Ep. 64

Time to talk about snacking on the road. We’ve already provided some insight on road trips, but the guys cover food snacking trips by land, sea, and air. Okay, maybe not sea, but what tips do you need by sea?  If you are on a cruise, eat and eats one more.  If you are stranded at sea, eat your ship-mates.

Without further ado…

Pack ahead, but step outside the grocery list – Use the tried and true, “pack snacks rather than buy them” to your advantage.  Don’t just pack (or allow your wife to pack) the standard teddy grahams, pretzels, raisins, and carrot sticks. This is vacation!  Get that jerky, those Slim Jims, Combos, mixed nuts and other travel friendly snacks that would never be allowed on a normal weekly shopping list.

Join The Mile High Club of Covert Snacking – Make a trip to the bathroom on a plane, and take that time and field position near the flight attendant station to politely request an extra bag of peanuts or pretzels.  Down those suckers in the bathroom. Nobody is the wiser.

IMG_0968Be creative when food shopping at travel hubs – For example, don’t wanna pay for that ten dollar sandwich at the airport?  They are terrible anyway.  Try a 99 cent buttered roll and throw a slim jim and string cheese on there.   A heartier sandwich for less money.

Hotel Fridge Price Thresholds – We all know to avoid these hotel fridge snacks and drinks due to the up charge.  But how much would ya pay for a deluxe, unique, rare candy bar?  A bottle of water after a drunken night?  Hugh gives you the only right answers.

“All You Can Eat” isn’t worth it if it requires room service – At a fancy resort, Rod and Hugh signed up for the amazing sounding, “Unlimited Snacks,” package.  Their concierge, Rudy, delivered this “unlimited bounty” one mini bag of cookies/chips at a time and expected a tip each time.  What is wrong with this picture?

Which fork to use? – On a business trip at a fancy dinner and wanna make sure you don’t faux pas?  Down a few shots, and check out Rod’s tip. You will regret it.

pig headEat Local Specialties and… – Don’t special order your local specialty.  Order it the way its intended. This is not the time to “have it your way.” Save that for Burger King (or the New McDonald’s).   Hugh tries to follow this advice and ends up looking a fool ordering a chopped pig head, a story reminiscent of his Double Down experience..