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7 Considerations When You Can’t Choose

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A friend posted the above image to Facebook.

Skittles, Reese’s Pieces, or M&Ms?  Many people chimed in with their vote quickly and easily.

I could not do it – at least not without spending the day thinking about it.  For some of us, this is not a simple choice.  There are many factors. Maybe my mood? Maybe the weather? Cost efficiency? Hunger?  As I reasoned my decision throughout the day, I documented my method for those as indecisive as myself who could use some guidance.

Consideration #1: For the decisive –  If you have a clear favorite, then that is your choice.  It’s as easy as that. There is no logic or method to account for taste. I envy those so clear minded to make a decision like this.

Consideration #2: For the indecisive –  If you struggle to choose, then you need guidance. Some of us stand at the candy counter with a dollar in our hand, frozen in indecision. Choosing  a candy is like choosing a favorite child. Although choosing my favorite child is actually easy. I have two kids and I have a favorite.  If you ask me in person, maybe I’ll tell you which it is. But I also may change my answer depending on the day.

Consideration #3: For the thriftyIf any of these are cheaper than the rest, then pick that one. This assumes the same/similar serving size.   Here, I will assume that each cost the same at the candy counter.

Consideration #4: For the gluttonous – If one has a higher net weight  than the rest, then pick that one. Here, standard “candy counter” packaging tells us:   Reese’s Pieces = 1.53 Oz., M&Ms = 1.69 Oz., Skittles = 2.17 Oz.

Consideration #5: Weather, Source and Location – If you are buying or enjoying your candy in a warm place, then M&Ms and Reese’s will be too liquid to enjoy.  If you are buying or enjoying your candy in a cold environment, then Skittles will be too hard to enjoy.

Consideration #6: Opportunity Cost – If one is a rare indulgence for you, then weigh that priority against other options. For me, my kid is allergic to nuts. So peanut butter is a rare treat, making Reese’s an attractive option. In the end, for me, this doesn’t outweigh consideration #4, but it helps edge out the M&M’s for the second spot.

Consideration #7 For the bold and fearlessIf you can scrape up three dollars, just get them all, mix up the bags, blindfold yourself and take the “M&Reeeskittles Challenge.” Each bite will be a mystery and possible surprise – like Russian Roulette without the risk of brain matter on the wall.