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7 Reasons You Should be Listening to Podcasts

For me, podcasts have eclipsed other forms of media – TV, movies, radio and the internet at large.  I know I am in the minority and won’t try to convince you to love podcasts as much as I do.  But, think about it:

1) Podcasts are free of charge. Tired of giving your money to Apple and Audible?

2) You can enjoy it while you are driving or working out. Screens are overrated. The theater of your mind is amazing if you let it be.

3) They cover the widest array of interest areas possible. Think of anything you are interested in. There’s a podcast for it. Humor. Advice. TV. Movies. News. Workouts. Human interest. Food. Comics. Parenting.

4) They are absent most forms of censorship and creative restriction.  Freedom of speech baby!

5) They are so easy to find and sample.  Just search on any podcast app or on good ‘ole Google.

6) You can listen to popular ones and be part of the wider audience, or listen to niche ones and feel like part of a special listenership.

7) Sleep experts are criticizing “screen use” (TV, phone, tablets) before sleeping. Falling asleep to podcasts distracts your mind in an entertaining way without the evils of “screen addiction” that are befalling society.

Like everything else, bad ones are bad, and good ones are good.  Dear reader, tell a friend about the venerable podcast format. To help you out, here are some recommendations.

(check out Episode 41 for more)