4 (more) Considerations When You Can’t Choose

(Check here for the original seven considerations when making tough candy choices)

If you had to eliminate one from your diet for the rest of your life? Tacos? Wings? Burgers? Pizza?

We had a pretty instant and certain answer for this one. Obviously, as usual the first criteria is simple and all important – (a) what’s your favorites/least favorite? That threshold question brings me personally to a reliable answer… but if somebody was struggling, here are some additional considerations to add:

(b) Alternative food cousins? which foods, if banned, have suitable alternative “cousins” in their same food type genus, that would scratch the same itch? i.e. Maybe if tacos are banned, burritos are bueno enough? Burgers out? Perhaps cheese-steaks will do? No wings? But some folks like regular fried chicken anyway. Can’t eat pizza? …well then you’re kinda screwed, because I don’t think anything can really replace pizza.

(c) Effect on day to day life? which foods, if banned, will least infringe on your life’s regular activities? Watching football requires wings pretty often. Pizza is the official food of kids birthday parties, which accounts for one of my meals every weekend lately. Burgers are the last-ditch go-to when eatin gout – even a crappy place can pull off a passable burger in my experience. If your favorite local snack delicacy are some mighty fine tacos, it’d be a shame to loose that.

(d) Health and Financial efficiency? These considerations are a distant fourth to the prior ones. If you can’t pick a favorite by the first three criteria, you probably don’t really like food enough. Or you love it too much. But if you still need a tiebreaker, ban the one that is your “weakness” health-wise (pizza for me) so the decision has a health benefit, or the one that is the biggest waste dollar for dollar by seving size (tacos, I’d say) so you can be fiscally responsible.

We needn’t go past the first criteria. We are eliminating tacos. Easy.

Thanks fb.com4ttnetwork for asking the question and the image above. Thanks Johnny Prime for posing the question to us!