Ten Doritos Varieties You Might have Missed

Ten Doritos Varieties You Might have Missed

Doritos are, by our estimation, the leader in innovative chip flavors, styles and gimmicks – and I use the word “gimmick” as a compliment here. We love snack gimmicks. New and “limited-edition” chip offerings take something we already love and make it exciting and a little risky, but with the comfort of knowing that a proven taste and brand are at the heart of it.

Doritos is constantly spreading its cheese dusted wings with new ideas. You have the standard flavors – Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch – even Spicy Nacho and Sweet and Spicy Chili have become standards in the stable of Doritos flavors.  But did you know about these limited time flavors?  You’ve probably heard of some of them – but a few, may be news to even the biggest Doritos devotee.

dinimitas#10:Doritos Dinamita Mojo Criollo Flavored Rolled Tortilla Chips – After we tried these, we had to look up “Mojo Criollo” to figure out the flavor and learn that Mojo Criollo is a Cuban/Puerto Rican marinade most used for pork. It calls for “sour orange juice” (or a mix of lemon and orange juice) with garlic, oregano, cumin and some other stuff. That explained the lemony flavor I picked up, which wasn’t bad in chip form mixed with the spices. Especially since many lemon-flavored things end up smelling/tasting like cleaning agents. But These Dinomitas get their highest marks for their shape – rolled up makes for a great crunch and nice flavor distribution. Each bite is delightfully dense and crunchy. Epilogue: About 30 minutes after I ate them, my tongue kinda hurt (high acidity or maybe I just have a dainty tongue?)

Roulette#9: Doritos Roulette – This product is inevitably less about taste and more about the gimmick. The flavors involved are nothing unique – Nacho Cheese Doritos and Flaming Hot Doritos. The hook is that they mixed the chips into one bag on the premise that it would be fun to eat your chips one-by-one to see if the next one’s gonna burn your tongue. After playing the game with my single serving bag, I found that every fifth to seventh chip was hot. As I went along, my tongue burn increased naturally, which made subsequent hot ones seem even more spicy and made the normal nacho flavored chips sting my tongue a bit (once the tongue is spiced up, even salt tends to seem spicy). In fact, the standard Nacho Cheese Dorito had a little spice in it by virtue of the fact that its shared the bag with the hots (what we call the “rub off effect.”)  Doritos apparently went out of their way to ensure that there was no obvious visual difference between the “nachos” and the “hots.” Kudos for that, since the integrity of the game would be immediately ruined if you could tell the difference at a glance.

jacked jalepeno#8: Doritos Jacked 3D Jalapeno Jack – Surely catering to the hip young generation, Doritos has created their “Jacked” line, which are EXTREME! and HARDCORE! I’ve always quietly chuckled at this branding since eating chips is seldom an extreme, high-energy experience. But here, when I compare Doritos Jacked 3D Jalapeno Pepper Jack to a standard Dorito, the latter seems delicate and a bit like a Faberge egg. Meanwhile, the Doritos Jacked 3D style has a density that requires more power from my jaw and gives a satisfying heavy-duty crunch as its payoff. So, yeah, in the panoply of chips, these are EXTREME, I suppose. the signature flavor is jalapeno. Jalapeño is fine, but not my personal favorite, and I don’t think its a widespread favorite. But the shape is awesome. Dense, fun, filling, and yes – extreme. But so far they are dusting these crunchy arrowhead-shaped snacks only in the EXTREME Jacked way.

Doritos Test Flavors#7-#5: 2013 Mystery Flavors – A quote from the Dorito’s marketing machine. “There’s nothing as bold as stepping into the unknown, and crunching into an unknown mystery chip with over-the-top flavor is one way we’re inviting fans to be bold with the Doritos brand,” explained Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay. “Our Bold Flavor Experiment is the latest example of how we’re rewarding our fans for making bold choices — this time by trying our mystery Doritos Jacked flavors and voting for the bold flavor they like best!”

  • Caribbean Citrus Jerk (Test Flavor 404) – easily the best of the three – smoky, sweet, and a note of lime at the end.
  • Spicy Street Taco (Test Flavor 855) – Spicy. We like hot things, but not as much with chips because we have to stop eating them due to burnt mouth.
  • Chocolate Chipotle Bacon (Test Flavor 2653) – The hardest flavor to identify (maybe because 855 scorched our taste buds) – we looked at the ingredients for a hint and immediately figured out what we were tasting – cocoa (?). The bacon was pretty understated. That said, we liked them.

sour cream doritos salsa rio

#4-#3: Doritos Retro Flavors/Packaging – Salsa Rio and Sour Cream Onion –  That old school logo brought me back to the days when I wore a jean jacket and Jay Leno served as Doritos’ pitch man. As a sucker for food nostalgia and limited time flavors, I can’t possibly give these a bad review. Sure, Salsa Rio didn’t taste much different than Spicy Nacho, although it had a smoother, less EXTREME tone to it. And Sour Cream and Onion was a less zesty Cool Ranch flavor. But that old school logo brought me back to the days when I wore a jean jacket and Jay Leno served as Doritos’ pitch man. Well played Doritos. If you can win my heart, then winning over my taste buds is easy.

jacked 3d bacon#2: Doritos Jacked 3D Bacon Cheddar Ranch–  I had the chance to try Doritos Jacked 3D Bacon Cheddar Ranch. They are exactly what the doctor ordered in response to my above review. Good use of the shape and a more mainstream flavor, but the use of bacon flavor amps it up to a perceived hardcore “jack-ness” because we all know that bacon is “EXTREME!” Doritos Jacked 3D Bacon Cheddar  Ranch are tasty with an excellent crunch. Superior to their jalapeno cousins.

tex mex#1: Tex Mex/Taco Doritos – We found Tex Mex Doritos in Spain and some research revealed that this particular flavor was not released in the U.S. However Taco flavored Doritos, which I believe to be similar (if not exactly the same) are, according to the site’s Chief Snacks Officer, amongst the most debated chips on the internet’s “Library of Congress” for chips Taquitos.net.  Message boarders are alwys asking where to get them and arguing about what the “original” flavor is supposed to be like.

Honorable Mentions: Dorito’s innovations even extend beyond chips themselves – most notably the Taco Bell Doritos Locos taco shells.   While officially Doritos by name, some snacks were excluded from consideration by virtue of the fact that they are not Doritos Chips.  But we wanted to mention them here since they deliciously expand on the Doritos empire.

doritos crackerDoritos Crackers and Cheese – Doritos’ ever expanding brand universe got into the cracker game with some Nacho Cheese options. At about a dime per sandwich cracker, you’re getting a lot of snacking bang for your loose change. Another positive – they’re a relatively clean car food for a moderately skilled hungry dad. One can easily fit an entire sandwich into one’s mouth before crunching away, thus avoiding a pesky crumb explosion with every bite. It’s time we all appreciate this truly underrated food for its low cost, tastiness, and cleanliness.

la-dd-7-eleven-doritos-loaded-warm-nacho-cheese-snacks-20140619Doritos Loaded (7-11) – Doritos Loaded (hereinafter “Loaded”) is a fried-cheese-style snack with a nacho cheese interior and a Dorito flavored breading/dusting on the exterior.  Tip #1 Avoid freshness: Don’t accept “Loaded” right from the oven/microwave. If you can’t get the ones that were sitting under the heat lamp all day, pass on this snack.  Tip#2 Watch your tongue: Rod’s “Loaded” were “surface of the sun hot,” and even a two-minute break in the car’s air conditioning did not prevent a scorched mouth. If you have to wait two minutes to eat it, then its validity as a snack is diminished.  Snacks by should offer ease and immediacy in addition to deliciousness.