10 M&M Flavors RANKED!

Top Ten M&M Flavors RANKED

image#10. Pretzel M&Ms – Most people are fans of chocolate covered pretzels, so why not bag ’em up, bite-sized, and add a thin candy coating? Pretzel M&Ms are tasty.  But in the spectrum of M&M they are lose a points.  They are not very hearty or dense – with a Net Weight of 1.14 ounces per regular bag, they can’t compete with the density of a peanut M&M or even the Crispy M&M. The pretzel inside is fairly large and well salted, and the flavor ratios are spot on. But the pretzel inside is large, eliminating space for candy. And the candy shell is a little distracting in texture. Smooth chocolate over crunchy pretzel. That’s the profile I want. These offer candy crunch, then chocolate, then pretzel crunch? Our mouths got a little confused and crowded.

coffee#9. Coffee Nut (part of the Vote for Your Favorite Peanut” Promotion) – Coffee and peanuts are not a natural pairing (did you know Choc-Full-of-Nuts Coffee is NOT chocked full of any nuts?). Hazelnut coffee, sure. But not peanut. Chocolate and coffee are good – and that’s what pleases here. The peanut in the middle is pretty much incidental to an otherwise satisfactory piece of coffee mocha candy. The peanut doesn’t ruin it, but there is no magical flavor melding. It’s almost as if the coffee and peanut flavors refuse to mix. The brain’s synapses can only focus on one flavor mix at a time – chocolate/coffee or chocolate.

image#8. Crispy M&Ms – M&M Crispy suffer from a density problem. Each is sized smaller than a Peanut M&M, but larger than a regular. The size itself is actually pretty nice. But its crispiness relies on the inclusion puffy center that is full of air. At 1.41 ounces per bag, we will always forgo it in favor of some a dense, protein packed Peanut or Peanut Butter M&Ms. Crispy M&Ms seem like they would be a limited edition short-term offering. But they seem to have earned a permanent spot on the candy shelf. So somebody must like ’em.

smore#7. Smores M&Ms – These are basically your “crispy style” M&M with s’morish flavoring.  The crispy center is supposed to be the graham cracker.  The chocolate is obviously there.  No real distinct marshmallow. But impressively there was a smokiness, which evoked a classic campfire taste – pretty clever.  The main criticism is the crispy style itself, which we find to be lacking in that they are too light and airy. They lack the heartiness and sheer net weight of other M&M styles.  Too much air in there.  But the unique taste make these worth checking out.

chili#6. Chili Nut (part of the Vote For Your Favorite Peanut” Promotion) – These are pretty gimmicky but overall quite tasty. Chili Nut is a unique and daring offering. But the M&M folks were conservative here. Chili Num M&Ms were way too mild. The chili was not very spicy at all. There was a steady increase in the spiciness as you progressed through the bag. And it’s good that they didn’t scorch my taste buds, but the kick was a smidge too slight to get excited over. Still an effective and tasty result on a potentially risky venture.

pbmms#5. Peanut Butter M&Ms – Americans LOVE peanut butter so these were a natural progression for M&Ms.  Like many new flavors, M&Ms probably put these out there expecting a quick hit with a good gimmick.   But sometimes, these limited offerings transcend into full time offerings (love ya McGriddle!). Outside the U.S., Peanut Butter M&Ms may not fare as well. Peanut butter is not beloved since peanuts are often seen as a savory food, best paired with salt.  To Australians, Germans, and others this is like dipping mashed potatoes in chocolate.  But to an American palate, this is a match made in heaven and an overdue candy. Sure we had Reeses  Peanut Butter Cups. But they aren’t bite sized.  And Reeses Pieces, offer no chocolate. Why didn’t Reeses think of this?.

honey#4. Honey Nut (part of the Vote For Your Favorite Peanut” Promotion) – At first bite we judged these pretty harshly, thinking they were indistinguishable from classic Peanut M&Ms. But as we progressed through the bag, the honey flavor become a bit more pronounced and enjoyable. Given that honey roasted peanuts are a thing, they could have made a real winner if they’d have gone all the way and enclosed an actual honey roasted peanut inside. They did not. It’s a plain ‘ole peanut with some honey taste somewhere in the chocolate. Still, the taste is nice.

m&ms, white chocolate, candy corn, candy, Halloween, review, snacks, snack, orange

m&ms, white chocolate, candy corn, candy, Halloween, review, snacks, snack, orange

#3. M&M’s Candy Corn – You don’t have to be a big candy corn fan to enjoy these as long as you like white chocolate. The individual M’s had the shape and mass of peanut butter M’s, which was encouraging. Bulkier than original M’s but not as large as their Peanut flavored brothers. A pleasant flavor that tasted vaguely of candy corn, but primarily of… white chocolate. Further inspection of the packaging revealed a small “white” descriptor before the word Candy Corn. That’s right: these are essentially white chocolate M&M’s, and they are delicious. Similar to actual candy corns, the candy corn flavor got lost after the first few pieces, which made them even better. If you’re a white chocolate fan, check these out.



mm sixlet#2. Plain/Regular M&Ms – The classic original ranks high, boasting the benefit taste and of volume. Even in a “Fun Size” bag, you get a very respectable number of candies. The candy shell was an impressive innovation in chocolate for flavor, texture, and function.  It’s fun to see the M&M family grow and innovate, but when you are at the candy counter, don’t forget about these delicious original classics.

#1. Peanut M&Ms – Not the original, but the best. Hearty and tasty, with everything you get from the original, plus a peanut! In fact, Peanut M&Ms are like two snacks in one. Every so often, eat the chocolate off first, leaving the peanut as a second, independent snack.



One Honorable Mention:

#HM. Mint – These guys come in a larger sized M&M shape and are pretty refreshing.  But perhaps are best for an after dinner palate cleanser, not for snacking.  Mixing mint and chocolate seems to work better when mint is the main event (like York Peppermint Patties).  Here, the chocolate and mint are more balanced, which kinda made me wish I was just eating chocolate.  Still, they deliver exactly what they promise – a mint M&M.  So who am I to complain?

And some to avoid…

M&Ms, chocolate, candy, birthday cake, review#0. Birthday Cake – Birthday cake flavored items….what exactly does this generic birthday cake taste like, and how do you capture an event in a flavor? Chocolate cake is a flavor. Vanilla cake is a flavor. Birthday is not a flavor. But it should be, I guess. Anywho, like their butterscotch brothers, these are SWEEEEEEEET. Like “I can taste nothing but sugar granules” sweet. Do they taste like a birthday cake? The first few M’s kind of did, but then the sweetness overwhelmed everything else. Unlike birthday cake flavored ice cream (the industry that invented the birthday cake flavor), these got pretty tiresome after the first few bites. RSVP “with regrets” to this birthday party.

#-1. M&Ms Vanilla Cupcake – I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison, but I’ve got a conspiracy theory that the M&Ms people took the Birthday cake flavor and just dumped them into bags labeled Vanilla Cupcake.  Just ready above for that review and you can get the gist of M&Ms Vanilla Cupcake (white chocolate, SUPER sweet).  That said, I’m not crying conspiracy. I mean, vanillia cupCAKEs and birthday CAKEs are supposed to taste the same.  “Birthday” isn’t even a flavor for gods sake!  “Birthday cake” is by any logic freakin’ vanilla.  Ten points to M&Ms for convincing stupid me to but another bag of their product (add Jim Gaffigan or Brian Reagan voice here) – “Hmmm… I wonder if Vanilla Cupcakes taste like Birthday Cake?  I better find out! Duh.

image-e1475446209433-300x225#-2. Booooterscotch (Butterscotch) M&Ms – Big butterscotch fans here. We’ve always found it to be a little underrated as both a candy and a flavor in general. So, we were quite interested in these super spooky M&M White Boooooooterscotches – a Target exclusive, so don’t go looking for these bad boys anywhere else. Actually don’t go looking for these bad boys, period.  Its a fresh Halloween pun but this M&M offering is overly artificially flavored with a waxy residue that builds up in the mouth, and sticks to the cheeks and tongue. Weird Density.  Overly Sweet.  The butterscotch flavor was fairly accurate but they injected about a pound of extra sugar into each piece. Run from this monster – a tad too scary waxy dense sweet.