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Soda and Appendages – Ep. 98

In episode 98, the guys confront some hard questions about soda:

  • Is it ever okay to scam free soda at restaurants using water cups?  (Spurred by Hugh’s all-day visit to the soda fountain pictured below.)

  • Does Hugh Gallon have freak appendages, or did he enlist an Ewok to point at this “no refills allowed” menu?
  • Do the Scots know anything about soda, or should they stick to their specialty: The Glasgow Kiss?  (The latter)
  • Is organic house-made soda finally taking off and making it to the masses?


  • Chubby Chubby Chubby Chubby Chubby Chubby Chubby… CHUBBY????

Rank ’em! Sandwich types, soda, egg styles – Ep. 86

Rod and Hugh leverage their vast eating experience to objectively rank, compare, and contrast foods in three essential categories – sandwiches (hoagies, vs. heroes, vs paninis and more); eggs (poached, scrambled, deviled, etc.); and soda (fountain, can, bottle) Whaddya like?  Best to the worst, with the expertise and analysis you’ve come to expect.

Sandwich Spectrum

  1. Hoagie/grinder/wedge 
  2. 3-6 foot hero (slice of)
  3. Soft roll
  4. Hard roll
  5. Sliced bread
  6. Flatbread/panini 
  7. Wraps 
  8. Pita pocket 
  9. lettuce wraps 
  10. Baguette


  1. In a cake 
  2. Scrambled
  3. Deviled
  4. Over easy
  5. Sunny side up
  6. Hard Boiled
  7. Poached
  8. Soft boiled

 Spectrum of Soda Quality

  1. Fountain
  2. Freestyle
  3. Glass bottle
  4. Can
  5. Plastic bottle (single serve)
  6. Plastic bottle (two liter)
  7. Bar wand/bad fountain

Seltzer vs. Soda Ep. 84

When did seltzer become the newest craze?  We assume its the latest the war against soda that has created room for this healthier, fizzy, more socially acceptable alternative. But does it taste good?  Is it a little too effeminate for Rod to Enjoy with his Beef Jerky?  Why is everybody drinking La Croix with reckless abandon?   Club soda, tonic water, seltzer…what’s the difference?  It all drives Hugh  to drinking (with a “Spiked Seltzer” live taste test).

And then some soda analysis.  Can you make decent cola at home with some tap water, some CO2, and some specialty syrup – ala Sodastream?  How would such a soda rank amongst the spectrum of soda quality?  What about cola flavor in a gummy bear? What about cola flavoring in a condom?  Podbot joins as official guest host and wraps it all up with a very special message.


Yep. That’s a cola flavored condom. Did we taste test it?  Listen to the episode to find out…or keep reading. No. No we didn’t.

Cola flavored gummies.  Probably the same consistency as the condom. We did taste test this…

Spiked Seltzer – booze and condoms, its one helluva episode.

Hugh’s Sodastream in action!



The First Annual Foodie Awards – Episode 24

Hugh and Rod start off this week’s episode by concocting and consuming the soda suicides based on last week’s flavor draft. Then, it’s time to roll out the red carpet for the 1st Annual Hungry Dads Foodie Awards. Better food villain: Cookie Crook or Count Chocula? Listen to find out.

Last but not least, Mr. Gallon shares a three day juicing roller coaster of emotions captured in real time. Did he survive three consecutive days of juice? Doubtful.



(00:21) Suicide Watch – Rod and Hugh go back into the HD labs, pull out their beakers and test tubes, and mix up the “soda suicides” that they drafted in Episode 23’s Great American Food Draft. Hugh’s Suicide: Cola + Cherry Cola + Lemon Lime Soda.   While the cola color unsurprisingly took visual prominence, the most prominent flavor was lemon lime, while the bouquet was of cherry. Rod’s suicide: Grape Soda + Orange Soda + Root Beer. Rod found it surprisingly tasty with the Root Beer providing a good amount of carbonation, Grape providing the most flavor, with a little hint of orange at the end.

(07:21) The First Annual Foodie Awards – After a lame but clever Birdman/Colonel Sanders crack, host Rod Budget introduces the The First Annual Foodie Awards (plus the First Annual Gaggies). Much like the Oscars, the Foodies honor various categories but instead span a wide array of food marketing. And the Gaggies are to the Foodie awards what the Razzies are to the Oscars… the worst of the worst. Check the show for the winners and losers. Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

Category #1 – Best Cereal Mascot. And the nominees are:

  • Toucan Sam in Fruit Loops
  • Dig ‘Em Frog in Sugar Smacks
  • Tony the Tiger in Frosted Flakes
  • Cap n Crunch in Cap n Crunch
  • Sonny the Cuckoo Bird in Cocoa Puffs


Category #2 – Next up is best Fast Food TV commercial. And the nominees are:

  • Kate Upton in a bikini for Carl’s Jr.
  • Yo Quiero Taco Bell for Taco Bell
  • “The Showdown” Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan for McDonald’s
  • Where’s the Beef for Wendy’s


Category #3 – Best Food Villain. And the nominees are:

  • Count Chocula in Count Chocula Cereal
  • Hamburglar in McDonald’s
  • Cookie Crook in Cookie Crisp Cereal
  • Trix Rabbit in Trix Cereal


Category #4 – Best Food Jingle or Song. And the nominees are:

  • What ya gonna pick – Hot Pockets?
  • I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner
  • Mentos Fresh and Full of Life
  • Gimme a Break – Kit Kat
  • I want my Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back – Chili’s
  • Give your breath long lasting freshness (or “the little longer song”) – Big Red Chewing Gum

The Gaggie goes to: SUBWAY $5 FOOT LONG

Category #5 – Best Food Mascot in a non-cereal or restaurant role. And the nominees are:

  • Jolly Green Giant
  • Mr. Peanut
  • Charlie Tuna
  • Pilsbury Dough boy
  • Chester the Cheetah
  • The Kool-Aid Man

The Gaggie goes to: GORTON’S FISHERMAN

(10:17) Food for Thought: Hugh’s Juicy Experiment – Hugh reveals that he engaged in a three-day all fresh juice diet. He kept an audio journal and shared his ongoing thoughts through the three day trial, including these insights:

Day 1

7:30AM – Drinking hot water while jealously watching my children eat cereal. The Indigo Girls playing on the radio.

11:00AM – Preparing the first juice consisting of pear, spinach, cucumber, and celery.

4:00PM – Finished third juice. It tasted good. Hunger isn’t main issue, but I feel a bit out of it. It not the juicing that’s hard it the parenting without as much energy.

5:17PM – Making dinner for the kids and a grain of rice stuck on my hand. I instinctively went to lick it off and put it in my mouth, but I immediately spit it out thereby maintaining the integrity of the juice project.

9:40PM – End of day one. I had five juices. I am pretty hungry. Have a headache. Going to bed.

Day 2

6:35AM – This juice project is clearly less of a cleanse or energy booster and more test of willpower. I woke up feeling neither fantastic nor horrible. Not dying for juice but I want something.

10:11AM – Don’t feel great – not horrible, but sluggish. Juice alone doesn’t give me energy. Craving to eat solid food and not looking forward to next juice.

11:37AM – My papaya juice from a half hour ago kicked in and I feel pretty good. Blood sugar is up. Headache gone

2:40PM – I just made another juice. I think you lose weight because spend so much energy making juices that by the time you’ve made it, you’ve burned every calorie you take in. Had a deep thought about chimps.

??:?? PM – Much of my day seems to be spent cutting fruit, juicing fruit, and cleaning fruit pulp out of the juicer.

5:20PM – Feel okay now. I’ve come to realize that there is a 30 minute window of feeling good. Then blood sugar goes down – lethargy and headache sets in.

7:45P – The kids are in bed. Normally I would get some things done at this time, but I am too tired and am going to bed. Mrs. Gallon said my eyes look black and sunken in.

8:00PM – Rather than go right to bed, I’ve decided to use the last of my energy to make another juice.

Day 3

6:16AM – woke up feeling not amazing. They say I should be full of energy. This feels like a normal morning. Considering I went to bed early, shouldn’t I feel more rested? I’m not hungry. No headache.

5:28PM – Commuting home after a day at work and 3 large juices. Energy level and hunger were pretty normal throughout the day. Resisted temptation to stop at the Grand Central Bakery.

7:17PM – Taking the trash out to the curb and noticing that our trash can is remarkably heavy due to all of the fruit and vegetable pulp.

8:06PM – Just drank my last juice. Hungry, nut not sluggish. Overall, on day three, my energy level was on par with any other day.

Soda Psychology- Episode 6

The guys breakdown the current state of soda in our society, and reminisce about “Carbonation Nation,” an unfulfilled business plan that listeners may want to steal.  Rod also gives a heartfelt and intimate look into his soda addiction, and Hugh reveals his “spectrum of quality” of sodas…  Which tastes best? Bottle, Can, Fountain, Bar Wand Soda?  Listen to find out.

hungry dads_infographic 1 copy

(00:27) The Hungry Dads’ Perspective 

In ramping up to talk about the maligned and controversial topic of soda, Hugh and Rod discuss the dichotomy of the “Hungry Dads’ Perspective” – a rational approach to junk food, to neither condemn nor condone.

  • Hungry:  Craving junk food we enjoy.  A desire for careless freedom to eat and drink as we please.  A nostalgia for the foods we enjoyed in our youth.
  • Dads:  A sense of adult responsibility. Setting a good example to our children.  Concerns for health and how our aging bodys digest things nowadays

(02:20) Carbonation Nation

Rod and Hugh reminisce about their first collaborative brainstorm – Carbonation Nation! – the Times Square attraction that never was.  Think DisneyLand for Soda lovers – the mecca for every soda enthusiast.

(06:24) A Hungry Dad’s Therapy Session 

In live a case study in the dichotomy of the “Hungry Dad’s Perspective,” Rod confronts his self-diagnosed soda addition head on – speaking openly about his relationship with the bubbly stuff, the sweet memories of his soda-filled youth, his quit-cold-turkey year, his return in moderation, his aging body’s physiological reactions to soda, and how diet soda is no solution because it tastes terrible.

(12:37) Four Questions

Hugh raises four questions the Hungry Dad might ask himself:

  • Is it worth it?
  • If so how much?
  • When?
  • And whether or not your wife needs to know about it?

(13:00) Soda Stigma and Kids 

We restrict soda from our children but love it ourselves, when will the hypocrisy end?  Age 10? Age 16? Age 21?  Why has soda become more stigmatized than other sugary substances like candy, desserts, or “sports drinks?”

(16:50) Junk Science

In a moment of unscientific discovery informed entirely by marketing, Hugh gives his own made-up definition of an “electrolyte” as “sparkly things that go in my body and add little bits of electricity to my cells to make me strong.”

(19:06) More A Hungry Dad’s Therapy Session

Hugh mines Rod’s psyche for childhood memories and emotions of soda, revealing an anecdote in which a young Rod Budget gave his blunt and tactless opinion on generic brand soda to the thrifty parents of the baseball team.”

(21:04) Soda Spectrum of Quality 

Hugh gives his “spectrum of quality” for soda

  1. Fountain Soda – so long as the machine’s soda/carbonated water proportions are calibrated correctly
  2. Can of Soda – Pro: the metal can keeps it cold, yo! / Con: you can’t close it once it’s opened sucka!
  3. Bottle of Soda – Pro: re-sealable fool! / Con: not as cold, yo!
  4. Two Liter Bottle – A bargain, but the loss of carbonation on each opening is troublesome
  5. Bar Wand Soda –  the soda/water calibration is never right.  Pass on it altogether.