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Rank ’em – Pizza, fries, burgers, drinking straws – Ep. 90

Rod and Hugh leverage their vast eating experience to objectively rank, compare, and contrast the spectrum of quality for pizza, french fries, burgers, and drinking straws.  If you thought they could only opine on the spectrum of soda, eggs, and sandwiches… think again. They have strong and important opinions about drinking straws, too! An important episode that is not to be missed.


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Snack Consultants – Episode 49

In this episode, the guys opine and provide valuable advice on a wide range of food topics. Hugh gives some of his best practices when it comes to candy decision making, and Rod goes on a classic one of his rants. Mix in some updates, including one on the Beefy Crunch Movement from episode 48, and you have a rapid-fire episode full of fodder.


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Food Faux Pas – Episode 40

In this important episode, the guys discuss food etiquette and faux pas for the common man. Is it okay to bring smelly food onto an airplane? What about bagging your own groceries at the grocery store? Hugh kicks the episode off by telling his recent adventure to Pizza Hut for their new Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza. Is that food in and of itself a food faux pas?

All I really need to know I learned from the Hungry Dads Podcast

(click any piece of sage advice below for more detail)
don’t bring plain chips to a party without an accompanying dip * bring party mix when the party crowd is mixed * fruit salad with too much melon is a rip off * don’t bring fast food on a flight * half-and-half toppings are key when ordering pizza with a group * respect the ten items or less lane * bag your own groceries if you have the skillz * don’t use the drive thru if you don’t know the menu * sharing free refills is stealing * putting hot sauce on food will keep your kids from eating your share * cold pizza is not a meal * let somebody else make your sandwich * go for the fifty cent refill upgrade at the movies * strive to get your first refill before the movie starts * order the breakfast specials * avoid the dinner specials * the “five second rule” is, at most, a useful justification for eating food off the floor or sidewalk * when abroad, snack as locals do * a burrito is not a sandwich * volunteer to run errands for ideal covert snacking conditions * dispose of receipts and wrappers in public bins before you get home * drink chips



The Price is Right Pizza Christmas – Episode 16

We cover plenty of ground in Episode 16… from pricing games to pizza science to stocking stuffers.  Rod has another installment of the menu nerd, which leads to Hugh achieving game show mortality. Give me pizza… P-I-Z-Z-A!  Plus, an amazing coal find. Listen to the episode and it will all make sense… kind of.


(00:22) The Menu Nerd Pricing Game – Rod quizzes Hugh on his knowledge of menu prices for their favorite Fast Food spots.  Play the games below (answers at the bottom).

(03:43) Game #1: Name the Higher Price

  1. Big Mac vs. Whopper?
  2. McDonald’s Hamburger circa 1961 vs. McDonald’s Cookie circa 2014?
  3. Pizza Hut Medium Pizza vs. Subway Pastrami Melt?
  4. KFC 16 piece bucket vs. 24 Duracell batteries on Amazon.com?
  5. Cinnabon Classic vs. White Castle Double Bacon Cheese Slider?
  6. Hardees Bacon Thick Burger vs. Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini?
  7. Whole Panera Cinnamon Coffee Cake vs. Two dozen Dunkin Donuts?

(05:50) Game #2: Start High & Go Low. (Listthe below most to least expensive).

  • DQ Small Sundae
  • Taco Bell Double Decker Taco Supreme
  • ChickFil-A 12-Piece Grilled Nuggets
  • Arby’s Classic Roast Beef

(09:25) Game #3: Danger Price – which item matches the “Danger Price?” of $6.19?Little Ceaser’s

  • 10 Piece Pepperoni Cheese Bread
  • Wendy’s BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad
  • Five Guys Bacon Cheese Hot Dog
  • Sonic Large Chili Cheese Tater Tots

(12:15) Pizza Trinity – New York has its pizza identity secure. Chicago owns the deep dish. Is there a third, unclaimed pizza style for the taking? Hugh makes an argument for a northwest city to seize this hole in the pizza landscape.

(15:27) Cut your Pizzas into 12 – Hugh waves the Hungry Dads flag in support of arithmetic and culinary virtuosos, Axis of Awesome, in support of solving the most troublesome mathematical food equation of the millennium! The 1900’s passed and society did not even come close to solving the 10 Hot Dog / 12 Bun problem that plagued grocery aisles coast to coast.  And now, well into the new millennium, there is another problem festering in our pizza parlors; and some smart and brave men, like modern day Galelios, are taking on the establishment and inspiring the world to open up their minds and make a change.  Yes! Citizens of the World – please, cut your pizzas into twelve!  Axis of Awesome, the Hungry Dads stand with you.  Sorry we were two years late.  Maybe we can pick up on in December of 2112?

(19:21) Is it the Urine or the Grit?– Hugh examines why New York Pizza unique? Why has it been difficult to replicate elsewhere?  Well, many say it’s in the NYC water – which is not, as many may assume, mostly urine.  Well, to be clear, most “NYC water” – that is water coming out of NYC – may actually be substantially urine by the time it has run off the mucky city streets.  But the water that comes into NYC – that we drink and cook with, gladly, is piped from upstate. So to be fair NYC’s great pizza is partly it’s the water that comes from north of NYC, which benefits from the trip itself. And let’s not forget tahe importance of dirty old ovens!There are brave men and women out there, doing real experiments on these things.

Thanks to www.seriouseats.com (The Food Lab) for their insight into water, minerals, and pizza dough. You may remember the Food Lab as my Turducken inspiration and muse from Episode 4 – their site is awesome!


Joe Brown’s article “Why New York City’s Iconic Pizza Is So Tough to Replicate” from Wired.com for their insight on “gestalt”

(23:09) Christmas Chocolate Experiment/Review – Rod performs an experiment and a review with two Christmas chocolage candies he’d never had before.  Rod’s theory is that his expectation based on sight alone will affect his enjoyment of the candy – specfifically if his expectations are low, he will enjoy it more, whearas if his expectations are high, he will enjoy it less.  The candies up for review:

  • Candy #1 (low expectations) – Palmer Double Crisp Coal: a pretend bag of coal that looks pretty neat and cute. It is essentially Nestle Crunch in nugget form, individually wrapped.
  • Candy #2 (high expectations) – Russell Stover Coconut Wreath: A cookie sized candy with specs of coconut mixed into chocolate.

Listen to the podcast to hear Rod’s reviews and the result of the experiment!


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What do Dirty Ovens and Stale Urine have to do with New York Pizza?  You will be Shocked to Read the Answer in the Article Underneath this Misleading Headline! OMG!!


Answers to the The Menu Nerd Pricing Game

Game #1: Name the Higher Price 

  1. Big Mac value meal vs. Whopper value meal?
    • Big Mac value meal($5.69)
    • Whopper value meal ($6.19)
  2. McDonald’s Hamburger circa 1961 vs. McD’s Cookie circa 2014?
    1. McDonald’s Hamburger circa 1961 ($0.20)
    2. McD’s Cookie circa 2014($0.33)
  3. Pizza Hut Medium Pizza vs. Subway Pastrami Melt?
    • Pizza Hut Medium Pizza ($8.49)
    • Subway Pastrami Melt ($8.50)
  4. KFC 16 Piece Bucket vs. 24 Duracell batteries on Amazon.com?
    • KFC 16 Piece Bucket ($24.99)
    • 24 Duracell batteries on Amazon.com ($15.67)
  5. Cinnabon Classic vs.White Castle Double Bacon Cheese Slider?
    • Cinnabon Classic ($3.76)
    • White Castle Double Bacon Cheese Slider ($2.40)
  6. Hardees Bacon Thick Burger vs. Starbucks ChickenSanta Fe Panini?
    • Hardees Bacon Thick Burger ($6.99)
    • Starbucks Chicken Santa Fe Panini ($5.65)
  7. Whole Panera Cinnamon Coffee Cake vs. Two dozen Dunkin Donuts?
    • Whole Panera Cinnamon Coffee Cake ($14.99)
    • Two dozen Dunkin Donuts ($17.98)

Game #2: Start High & Go Low. List, most to least expensive.

  1. Highest = ChickFil-A 12-Piece Grilled Nuggets ($5.75)
  2. Second Highest = Arby’s Classic Roast Beef ($3.29)
  3. Second Lowest = DQ Small Sundae ($2.59)
  4. Lowest = Taco Bell Double Decker Taco Supreme($2.29)

Game #3: Danger Price – which item matches the “Danger Price?” of $6.19?

  • Little Ceaser’s 10 Piece Pepperoni Cheese Bread ($4.89)
  • DANGER PRICE!!!! Wendy’s BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad ($6.19)
  • Five Guys Bacon Cheese Hot Dog ($5.79)
  • Sonic Large Chili Cheese Tater Tots ($3.39)




Delivering an Eater’s Digest – Episode 13

Rod reminisces about his prolific ordering days in NYC, and then analyzes the pizza industry’s move toward digital ordering. Hugh gives an insider look at the type of food news the Hungry Dads staff consumes in his special segment, “Eater’s Digest.”

(00:25) Time to Deliver – Now that Rod has moved from NYC to the suburbs, his delivery options have gone from infinite to pizza chains. Hugh makes a great point about over-ordering at the same restaurant over and over. Fewer options makes it likely that you’ll become “that guy” who orders three times a week from the same place, and you may very well become a talking point among the employees. When ordering pizzas, Rod reveals that he never talks to anyone – it’s online only for Mr. Budget. Which pizza chain is losing ground based strictly on their late adoption of ordering technology? Which pizza chain gained market share based on a wonderful online experience? Listen to find out.

(12:46) Eater’s Digest, Volume 1 – Hugh presents three current food-related stories in digest format:

  1. 99% Invisible: “Good Bread” It’s the best thing since sliced bread, but now that white bread is demonized by many, is that saying valid? Ironically, the advent of white bread was in response to health concerns over 100 years ago… so maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem to be when it comes to trusty old white bread that doesn’t contain chalk.
  2. Consumerist: McDonald’s is testing bubble gum flavored broccoli – good or bad idea? ethical or unethical?
  3. What’s good at Trader Joe’s? Hugh finishes up by recommending a wonderful website to all the Trader Joe’s fans out there. Thank you, Trader Joe, for simplifying our lives via a lack of choices!

Eating on the Go – Episode 8

In episode 8, Hugh explains the beauty and efficiency of eating while walking in the city, including some hard-hitting advice on how to do it correctly.  Then, Rod provides similar advice for the suburban eater, including drive-thru etiquette and tips for eating in the car.



(00:22) Snacks and the City – Hugh opens the show waxing poetic about one of his favorite urban activities – walking and eating. It’s an efficient way to keep busy between Point A and Point B. Hugh explains how cool and confident he feels eating a slice of NYC pizza – not as a meal, but merely a “quick snack” on the go, and expresses his love for NYC’s plentiful pizza shops that sell by the slice.

(02:37) Valley of Death Problem and Solution – Rod notes the inevitable “Valley of Death” one experiences when hot grease pours out of a folded slice of pizza onto your shirt, hand and mouth. Hugh offers a somewhat controversial solution: order your slice at room-temperature (who doesn’t enjoy cold pizza as a snack?).

(3:40) Pro Tip: It’s not a Meal unless it’s Hot – Hugh further declares that pizza is not a “meal” unless it is hot and/or has at least two toppings on it. A single plain room temperature slice is just insignificant nosh.

(08:00) Chicken Doesn’t Work – As an “experiment” Hugh attempted to walk and eat Fried Chicken in the City. It didn’t work, he had to stop and sit in order to enjoy it. He did have better luck walking with a Five Guys burger.

(08:44) The Art of Drinking Chips – Hugh explains his second favorite urban-snack-on-the-go – “drinking chips,” a keen way to enjoy a single serving bag of chips (or two) without breaking stride and without letting filthy City hands touch the food. At his favorite bodega he could match a small bag of chips with Lemonheads, a granola bar, Oatmeal Cream Pie, or a Slim Jim, all for a dollar – and enjoy it all before he got home, with all of the trash disposed of in the public trash.

(12:23) Snacks in the Suburbs – Rod, having moved to the suburbs, talks about the suburban equivalent to walking and eating – Driving and Eating.

(12:59) Pro Tips: The Drive Thru –

  • Be Civil in the two-lane Drive Thru. If more than one car in front of you has queued up in the inside lane and the group ahead has agreed to forgo the outside lane, leaving it open, don’t skip past into the outside lane. Respect the one line system that has been established ahead of you.
  • Know your order before you pull up. Don’t be an imbecile, leisurely reviewing the menu while others wait, hungry, behind you.
  • Don’t try to make perfect change. Let the teller handle that. They have the expertise and a whole drawer of coinage in every number and variety. They will do it more quickly than you can.
  • Clear the drink holders and prepare a setting to receive their food. Get out of the way and move on. If you have a passenger, they should be poised to secure the food and drink.
  • Once you have your order, move along and do so carefully. Don’t sit and check your order. Don’t sit to eat a French fry. Let the next person get their food.
  • Close your bag and t trap the heat so you can enjoy that food when you get home. If you are eating it in the car, wait until you are in a safe driving situation before digging in.

(21:50) Eating in the Car – Rod declares eating the car as a miserable, hazardous and limiting experience.

(22:50) Top Fast Foods for the Car

  • Chicken Nuggets – Easy to handle, but avoid sauces. Dipping while driving is perhaps worse than texting while driving.
  • French fries – Easy to handle like nuggets, but you don’t want to don’t endanger the road with ketchup.
  • Burgers – Make it a small one (or two or three). But avoid large, multi-layer specialty burgers – sauces, bacon and vegetables compromise a solid hold on both your food and the steering wheel.
  • Milkshakes – Use this as a substitute for sundaes and ice cream cones.

Rod does not advise tacos while driving – spillage is likely.

(26:42) The Art of Drinking Chips Part II. Revenge of the Chips – Rod tells the tale of how a salty, pointy chip shard ended up in his eye while Drinking Chips and Driving. Hugh advises that, “You gotta flip that corner and loosen it.”

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Follow-ups and Party Plans – Episode 5

In episode 5, the guys reveal their Lays Do Us a Flavor votes. Then, they unleash never heard before recordings of actual secret menu ordering attempts:  Hugh roams the streets of Manhattan in search of a Chicken McGriddle while Rod orders Frings at a Burger King drive-thru. The conversation then shifts gears,  and Rod offers up an interesting tip on scoring extra food at kids birthday parties.



(01:12) 2014 Lays Do Us a Flavor Contest Follow-up

After discussing in depth and even doing a live taste test in prior episodes, Rod and Hugh reveal their official votes in the 2014 Lays Do Us a Flavor Contest from the four final choices: Cappuccino, Cheddar Bacon Mac and Cheese, Mango Salsa, and Wasabi Ginger.

Rod voted for Cheddar Bacon Mac and Cheese.  He was looking for a long-lasting relationship in a chip. Even though he very much enjoyed Cappiccino in the live taste test in Episode One.

Hugh voted for Cappuccino as it was both unique and delicious.

(02:50) Snack Hack Follow up – Poor Man’s Party Mix

In Episode Four Hugh gave our listeners ideas on how to create unconventional, unhealthy quasi-tasty snacks from random ingredients in the kitchen. Poor Man’s Party Mix Recipe:

  • Step 1 – take bowl of Cheerios (a cup?)
  • Step 2 – take a pat of butter and place it on top of the Cheerios.  Shake on some garlic salt.
  • Step 3 – Microwave for a while.  If you’re lazy just nuke it until the butter is melted. If you want better butter coverage, stop every 15 seconds to stir it up.
  • Step 4 – Stir it up

Rod tried it, struggling with butter proportions and technique,  giving it a favorable (but not outstanding) review.

(06: 38) Secret Menu Items Follow Up

In Episode Four Rod and Hugh committed to visiting a restaurant to order a secret menu item.  A secret menu item is a food item that is not on the menu, but legend has it that you can get it if you are bold enough to ask for it.  In Episode Five, we learn how it went, including covert audio recordings of their attempts.

Hugh made three attempts to get a “Chicken and Waffles Sandwich” from three separate Manhattan McDonalds locations.  The “Chicken and Waffles Sandwich“ is a McGriddle with Chicken on it.  The results:

  • 7:38AM – McDonald’s Manhattan #1 – Chicken and Waffles Sandwich attempt – DENIED
  • 7:46AM – McDonald’s Location #2 – Chicken and Waffles Sandwich attempt – DENIED
  • 7:57AM – McDonald’s Location #3 – Chicken and Waffles Sandwich attempt – DENIED

Rod worked the suburban beat, asking for an order of “frings” (fries mixed with onion rings) at Burger King. His attempt was audio recorded. The result:

  • 12:08PM – Burger King – undisclosed Florida location – SUCCESS

(16:32) Bacon Premiums and Pork Swaps

In the segment’s wrap up, Hugh posits whether Subway’s “bacon premium” would apply to ham, considering that such a pork-swap should not cause a major disruption to Subway’s meat records.

(17:53) Kids Party Eating Strategy

Rod advises on how to get a more than little fair share at a kid’s birthday party – why not “accidently” drop/spill half of an item (slice of pizza or cupcake) and then find yourself entitled to a brand new one?