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Oreo Mystery Flavor – Ep. 101

Episode 101 is shrouded in mystery:

  1. What is the Oreo mystery flavor that has the internet abuzz?  Rod and Hugh weigh in.
  2. What happened to Episode 100?
  3. Will the guys do a much anticipated 2017 Halloween retrospective?
  4. If so, what about an unattended cauldron attempt by Rod?
  5. Battle Hymn of the Republic?

While only the shrewdest  Hungry Dads fans will understand all of the points above, that’s why it’s the mystery episode. Listen to be enlightened… or confused.  IT’S MYSTERY FLAVORS AND HALLOWEEN ALL IN ONE PLACE!  A door-buster of an episode, to be sure.

Turducken – Episode 57

Which came first, the chicken or the turduck? I’m not sure this question is answered in Episode 57, but the guys discuss all things with perhaps the most knowledgeable turducken expert in the field today – Mike Moser, from Echelon Foods.  Rod was lucky enough to get his hands on an Echelon Turducken for Thanksgiving, and let’s just say he had much better luck than Hugh’s brave Turducken attempt of 2014. 

The guys also touch on Halloween candy in December, provide a Beefy Crunch Movement update, and talk about a new “do us a flavor” knock-off campaign from M&Ms.



burger king black Halloween whopper

Halloween Whopper Surprises – Episode 52

Special guest, the carnivore connoisseur, the maven of meat, our steak consigliore –  Johnny Prime of www.johnnyprimesteaks.com.

The guys are on the hunt for an elusive Halloween Black-Bunned Whopper, and all the excitement that comes along with it. Rod and Hugh fail miserably on their quest, but a masked meat avenger comes through to save the day. The guys go on to discuss BM’s, bacon, Beefy Crunch, BBQ, and Lay’s Do Us a Flavor with the masked hero. Just listen.


Our Podcast, Their Food, Many Questions – Episode 11

After taking care of a few Halloween follow-ups, the guys unveil their first Hungry Dads investigative report by focusing on McDonald’s efforts to clean up its image.  What do the guys think of their new campaign of transparency and straight talk?


(01:04) The Great Cauldron Scoop – As promised in The Halloween Episode (episode 10), Rod attempted to steal candy from an unattended cauldron in his neighborhood. Better yet, he recorded the entire event as it unfolded. Was he successful, or did he fail miserably? Is he now known as the neighborhood thief? Were the police needed?

(07:45) HUNGRY DADS SPECIAL REPORT: What the Heck is in a McRib? – And other things we’ve been wondering about McDonalds for a long time now. Hugh presents an in-depth look at McDonalds’ new marketing campaign, and the guys reveal some of the answers straight from Ronald’s mouth… or at least from his website: http://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/your_questions/our_food.html. Did you know there are supposedly FOUR ICONIC CHICKEN MCNUGGET SHAPES (see the graphic below)?  Is all this straight-talk from McDonalds a worthwhile endeavor, fluffy marketing hyperbole, or something in between? The guys discuss the pros and cons of the approach.


The Halloween Special – Episode 10

In this spooktacular edition of Hungry Dads Podcast, Rod reveals his best practices for covertly sneaking extra Halloween candy.  Then, Hugh tells a scary story: “The Walking Dad”  Finally, Rod bounces some rapid-fire Halloween related questions off Hugh, and the results are quite compelling.

(00:43) Halloween Snacking Strategies – It’s Halloween and Rod offers up six potential strategies for maximizing your candy intake on the big night.

  1. Skimming from the kids’ candy stash: A rather novice and potentially perilous tactic, Rod suggests avoiding this route unless you’re in a pinch. Hugh, on the other hand, thinks stealing his kids’ candy is actually a service, especially while the kiddos are still young and can’t yet inventory their stash.
  2. Stealing from an unattended candy bucket or cauldron: We’ve all seen the unattended buckets around the neighborhood. These homeowners are too lazy to answer the door, out of town, or perhaps out trick or treating with their own kids. The candy beckons. Is it too risky for a hungry dad to steal from these? Rod tends to thinks so… Hugh DEFINITELY thinks so… or does he? Halloween is for mischief, folks… (Tune into Episode 11 to hear Rod make an actual unattended cauldron candy scoop attempt!)
  3. Placing a limit on the amount of candy your kids can have: And the rest is yours!!! Or is it???
  4. Slowly eating some of the store bought candy for “handing out” before Halloween: This strategy takes self restraint. Eating half the bag of Kit-Kats will inevitably get you busted by your spouse, and maybe even the kids. Be smart, be in control, be in charge of the Halloween candy bowl, and this can be a decent supplemental strategy.
  5. Eating from your own candy bowl while passing out the treats: If you’re able to pull off the job of solo candy hander-outer, this is a good strategy. Pop some candy between trick-or-treat visitors, but exhibit some self control so you don’t become the loser house that runs out of candy early in the night.
  6. Overbuying Halloween Candy!!! (Rod’s Recommended Strategy): a) You must be in charge of buying the Halloween candy. b) Buy YOUR favorite kind of candy. c) Buy an absurd amount of candy. d) Stash away a few of the extra bags and enjoy at your own leisure.

Overall, Hugh agrees with the Halloween strategies, but will defer to the kids on this particular holiday. Don’t miss his impassioned speech!

(15:15) The Walking Dad – Hugh and the Gallon family players reenact a potentially tragic and embarrassing food-related mishap. While just a work of fiction (or is it???), it certainly makes one ponder the responsibilities of fatherhood balanced (literally) with the responsibilities of pigging out.

The Walking Dad cartoon in in production! See the color animatic below!  To hear the full radio drama, listen to Episode 10!


(18:40) Halloween Hints – Rod tests Hugh’s Halloween candy knowledge in game show format. Does Hugh know his candies, or will he blow it?

(21:10) The Great Halloween Survey – In rapid-fire fashion, Rod reads 20 trick-or-treat items to Hugh, who must opine on the worthiness of each. Are candy apples a good treat, or disappointing? How about Garbage Pail Cards? Vampire Teeth? Kit Kat? Listen to find out what Hugh thinks…