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Press Your Luck Whammy Spectacular!

Hugh and Rod have completely committed to game shows, and this episode is a heaping dose of whammy analysis, Peter Tomarken, board manipulation, and best of all… Hugh unveils his “Ten Point Game Show Theme Song Analysis.” ©  Never heard the Press Your Luck theme song analyzed for upwards of eight minutes?  Well then, hold onto your hats!

The Family Feud!

What happens when you combine Rod Budget, Hugh Gallon, Richard Dawson, Ray Combs, Steve Harvey with a dash of podcasting?  We aren’t sure. But on this episode, the guys discuss Family Feud, its history, raciness, shortcomings, and Rod even humiliates himself by giving ridiculous answers to questions!

Food Confessions the Game Show – Episode 9

In episode 9, Rod is a game show contestant in Hugh’s food confessions universe.  The guys also give their thoughts on the shocking Lay’s Do Us a Flavor winner – Wasabi Ginger???  Last but certainly not least, Rod conducts a live taste review of Combo’s Seven Layer Dip flavor.  Seven layers in one tiny combo?  Listen to find out what Rod thinks.


(00:20) Lays Do Us A Flavor Results are In! – Hugh and Rod miss the mark in their votes. Rod with Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Hugh with Cappuccino – neither would have guessed Wasabi Ginger as the winner. Rod’s rationale: Hungry Dad’s superior palates and instincts separated them from the general potato chip voting populace. Hugh’s rationale: Wasabi Ginger had the Kettle Cooked style, which may have rabid devotees. Check out the reviews here.

(04:37) Food Confessions: The Game Show – Hugh bares his soul to Rod Budget, Mrs. Budget, his wife – Mrs. Gallon, and you – the HD listener. Hugh offers up five food confessions and how the voices in his head help justify his poor eating choices. Hugh and Rod’s wives are given an opportunity to respond and Rod tries to read his wife’s mind.

(07:38) Hugh’s Confession #1 –Sometimes, I go to the newsstand outside my office for a candy bar. I almost always get a Butterfinger, Snickers, Payday, Reese’s, or peanut brittle. I justify this as good parenting. My daughter is allergic to peanuts and we don’t keep any peanut-based snacks in the house. So it seems quite responsible to get my peanut fix while I am at work. –

  • Mrs. Budget says, “I guess that makes sense.”
  • Mrs. Gallon says, “Ridiculous. Don’t bring our daughter into this.

(09:44) Hugh’s Confession #2 – Sometimes, while walking through Grand Central on my commute to get the Metro North, I grab a black and white cookie or a cinnamon roll from Hot and Crusty. These are not the cheapest of snack options ($2-$3) especially compared to a $1 candy bar. Nor are they healthy. Still, in my head, I have justified this as a matter of comparative vice. You see, I also walk by a cart where you can get a beer for the train. I sometimes say to myself, “Kevin, you’ve had a hard day. You deserve a beer to relax on the ride home. But beers are $5. A cookie would probably relax me too. And alcohol is a real vice. By comparison, a $3 cookie is a very responsible choice.”

  • Mrs. Budget says, “It’s hard to argue with your beer rationale (although that probably reflects my own weakness, rather than any truly defendable logic)”
  • Mrs. Gallon says, “I’m glad you’re not a big drinker. Pick your vice.”

(11:53) Hugh’s Confession #3 –Basically, if I’ve eaten some fruit or vegetables in the last 24 hours, it is open season on my subsequent food choices. “I had fruit for breakfast. I have earned this [bacon hot dog/ fried cheese/sundae/cinnamon pretzel] before lunch”

  • Mrs. Budget says, “At least you are doing something positive in this scenario.”
  • Mrs. Gallon says, “This one is ridiculous and should no longer be used for any type of rationalization.”

(14:00) Hugh’s Confession #4 – A loved one was getting a fairly minor, routine procedure. There was truly little to worry about. I was worried, but not super worried, waiting at the hospital for about two hours. It was not a mealtime and I was not hungry at all. In that time got one (or two?) bag of chips, one bag of sweedish fish, one soda, and maybe also a candy bar. I justified this as stress eating. But honestly I was mostly just bored and seizing the opportunity. I did convince myself, however, that subconsciously, I was probably really very worried, so eating whatever I wanted seemed to make sense.

  • Mrs. Budget says, “I found this one just kind of strange.”
  • Mrs. Gallon says, “I equate this to when I fly and feel as though I should eat because I’m worried. That, and the thought that it may be my last meal.”

(16:23) Hugh’s Confession #5 –At the movies, I will always take the “for 50 cents more” up-sale on sodas and popcorn. I will also try to finish the soda and popcorn before the movie and get a my free refill early in the move as to make sure that I am getting my money’s worth. It just makes economic sense.

  • Mrs. Budget says, “I’m guessing you don’t go to the movies that often so this is more of a treat, which makes it feel better. And the frugal side of me likes to see you getting your free refills (however that does not apply to Rod, if he is wondering).”
  • Mrs. Gallon says, “Sucker.”

(18:02) Food Review – Combos 7-Layer Dip– Rod reviews this fiesta of a snack which does, in fact, make him say, “Ole!” Check out the written review here.