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Butter Etiquette – Ep. 93

It’s high time someone on the internet took a good hard look at the various butter etiquette nuances out there. I mean, seriously, is it okay to use butter on a chocolate muffin?  How about on a peanut butter and jelly and butter sandwich? How about for shavin’ them man whiskers?

Fortunately, Hugh and Rod have once again heroically stepped in to provide you, the Hungry Dads listener, with the indispensable “Butter Appropriateness Quiz” ©  Rod ranks the following butter scenarios in the order of most appropriate use of butter to the least appropriate use of butter. Feel free to rank them for yourself and see if you’re as smart as Rod!


  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Movie Theater Popcorn
  • On a Steak
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly and Butter Sandwich
  • Ham and Butter Sandwich
  • In Coffee
  • Chocolate Muffin
  • Generously Buttering EVERY Bite of a Dinner Roll
  • Pop Tart
  • Saltine

Oh, and then the guys each perform a butter shave on-air.  Is that appropriate?  Listen to find out!!!

Secret Menus – Episode 4


Rod gives a hard-hitting editorial on fast food secret menus, including a look at Arby’s new meat mountain sandwich. Then, Hugh shares some of his favorite snack hacks – ways to fashion “adult” snacks from everyday food items without getting caught.  Cheerios and butter?  Why not?  The episode concludes with a resounding Corn Chip vs. Corn Chip face-off.  Jeff Foxworthy has a line of grit-flavored corn chips?  Of course he does.

(02:03) Secret Menu items – A Divisive topic

Secret Menu Item, sēkrit ˈmenyo͞o ˈīdəm, noun, 1. a food item that is not on a restaurant menu, but legend has it that one can get it if they are bold enough to ask for it.  2. an amalgamation of restaurant food ingredients/components found in regular menu offerings, instead prepared or combined in manner not offered by the standard menu.

point counterpoint copy


(16:12) Snack Hacks

Hugh gives listeners ideas on how to create unconventional, unhealthy quasi-tasty snacks from random or stock ingredients from the kitchen, because nowadays, with kids around, the good stuff doesn’t get on the grocery list anymore.

Snack Hack #1 – Get Lemons. Make Lemonade – If soda and sugary drinks are forbidden in your home, you may be forced to get creative.  It’s not that hard. Add lemons (or lemon juice) to the grocery list under the premise that you want some to drink refreshing low calorie lemon water.  Of course, when you make that lemon water, add a bit of sugar, then a bit more. Aaaand maybe a bit more sugar. BAM! Sweet, sweet lemonade!

Snack Hack #2 – Poor Man’s Party Mix (since you don’t get to buy chips anymore)

* Step 1 – take bowl of Cheerios (a cup?)

* Step 2 – take a pat of butter and place it on top of the Cheerios.  Shake on some garlic salt

* Step 3 – Microwave for a while.  If you’re lazy just nuke it until the butter is melted. If you want better butter coverage, stop every 15 seconds to stir it up.

* Step 4 – Stir it up.

(23:20) Corn Chip Vs. Corn Chip

chip v chip (2)


Jeff Foxworthy’s Southern Creations Original Grit Chips – Small challenger brand with “big” celebrity endorsement

  • Pro: Fantastic marketing copy on the bag
  • Con: No unique “grit” flavor (it’s a standard corn chip)

Doritos Dynamite – Corporate brand that co-opted tube shape from Mexican brand “Sabritas”

  • Pro: Innovative and effective tightly rolled tube shape
  • Con: Limited flavors options (only spicy)