Soda Psychology- Episode 6

The guys breakdown the current state of soda in our society, and reminisce about “Carbonation Nation,” an unfulfilled business plan that listeners may want to steal.  Rod also gives a heartfelt and intimate look into his soda addiction, and Hugh reveals his “spectrum of quality” of sodas…  Which tastes best? Bottle, Can, Fountain, Bar Wand Soda?  Listen to find out.

hungry dads_infographic 1 copy

(00:27) The Hungry Dads’ Perspective 

In ramping up to talk about the maligned and controversial topic of soda, Hugh and Rod discuss the dichotomy of the “Hungry Dads’ Perspective” – a rational approach to junk food, to neither condemn nor condone.

  • Hungry:  Craving junk food we enjoy.  A desire for careless freedom to eat and drink as we please.  A nostalgia for the foods we enjoyed in our youth.
  • Dads:  A sense of adult responsibility. Setting a good example to our children.  Concerns for health and how our aging bodys digest things nowadays

(02:20) Carbonation Nation

Rod and Hugh reminisce about their first collaborative brainstorm – Carbonation Nation! – the Times Square attraction that never was.  Think DisneyLand for Soda lovers – the mecca for every soda enthusiast.

(06:24) A Hungry Dad’s Therapy Session 

In live a case study in the dichotomy of the “Hungry Dad’s Perspective,” Rod confronts his self-diagnosed soda addition head on – speaking openly about his relationship with the bubbly stuff, the sweet memories of his soda-filled youth, his quit-cold-turkey year, his return in moderation, his aging body’s physiological reactions to soda, and how diet soda is no solution because it tastes terrible.

(12:37) Four Questions

Hugh raises four questions the Hungry Dad might ask himself:

  • Is it worth it?
  • If so how much?
  • When?
  • And whether or not your wife needs to know about it?

(13:00) Soda Stigma and Kids 

We restrict soda from our children but love it ourselves, when will the hypocrisy end?  Age 10? Age 16? Age 21?  Why has soda become more stigmatized than other sugary substances like candy, desserts, or “sports drinks?”

(16:50) Junk Science

In a moment of unscientific discovery informed entirely by marketing, Hugh gives his own made-up definition of an “electrolyte” as “sparkly things that go in my body and add little bits of electricity to my cells to make me strong.”

(19:06) More A Hungry Dad’s Therapy Session

Hugh mines Rod’s psyche for childhood memories and emotions of soda, revealing an anecdote in which a young Rod Budget gave his blunt and tactless opinion on generic brand soda to the thrifty parents of the baseball team.”

(21:04) Soda Spectrum of Quality 

Hugh gives his “spectrum of quality” for soda

  1. Fountain Soda – so long as the machine’s soda/carbonated water proportions are calibrated correctly
  2. Can of Soda – Pro: the metal can keeps it cold, yo! / Con: you can’t close it once it’s opened sucka!
  3. Bottle of Soda – Pro: re-sealable fool! / Con: not as cold, yo!
  4. Two Liter Bottle – A bargain, but the loss of carbonation on each opening is troublesome
  5. Bar Wand Soda –  the soda/water calibration is never right.  Pass on it altogether.