Showbiz Rock-a-Fire Explosion – Ep. 77

What if I told you there’s a documentary out there about an animatronic robot band that used to play at a wildly successful family pizza chain, but then they got disassembled, but then they got reassembled a decade later by a passionate and extremely dedicated fan of this particular animatronic robot band?  What if I told you the name of this band was “The Rock-a-Fire Explosion”?  What if I told you run-on sentences are generally acceptable on the internet like the one we use for our podcast called Hungry Dads podcast, okay?

In Episode 77, Hugh and Rod do the world a long overdue favor by analyzing and critiquing this groundbreaking documentary in podcast format.  Will the Rock-a-Fire Explosion get back together for one last hurrah?  Are the members even alive still?  Jealousy? Affairs? Or just good old rock and roll music?  Let’s find out.