Seltzer vs. Soda Ep. 84

When did seltzer become the newest craze?  We assume its the latest the war against soda that has created room for this healthier, fizzy, more socially acceptable alternative. But does it taste good?  Is it a little too effeminate for Rod to Enjoy with his Beef Jerky?  Why is everybody drinking La Croix with reckless abandon?   Club soda, tonic water, seltzer…what’s the difference?  It all drives Hugh  to drinking (with a “Spiked Seltzer” live taste test).

And then some soda analysis.  Can you make decent cola at home with some tap water, some CO2, and some specialty syrup – ala Sodastream?  How would such a soda rank amongst the spectrum of soda quality?  What about cola flavor in a gummy bear? What about cola flavoring in a condom?  Podbot joins as official guest host and wraps it all up with a very special message.


Yep. That’s a cola flavored condom. Did we taste test it?  Listen to the episode to find out…or keep reading. No. No we didn’t.

Cola flavored gummies.  Probably the same consistency as the condom. We did taste test this…

Spiked Seltzer – booze and condoms, its one helluva episode.

Hugh’s Sodastream in action!