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Rod’s Recordings – Ep. 76

In episode 76, Rod hits the streets with his giant tape recorder to follow up on some critical topics from prior episodes:

  1. Hugh’s GM Diet Adventure from episode 61.  Rod got sick and tired of everyone else doing the fad diet thing, so he invented his own. For three days, he ate virtually no carbs, sugars, or fats.  Then, the next three days, he went into complete gluttony mode by stuffing his face with soda, pizza, and other delicious offerings.  He put together an audio journal of his diet, chronicled his weight fluctuations, and put him here for all to enjoy. Did Rod end up losing weight, gaining weight, or simply dying?
  2. Next up, Rod lugs the taper recorder to a birthday party to chronicle his misadventures in trying to obtain as much food as possible without coming off as a buffoon. Way back in Episode 5, he offered up some sage advice for maximizing birthday party eating. Was he successful?  Let’s just say the Capri Sun won, and leave it at that.
  3. You didn’t really think Rod was going to lug the old tape recorder all over town without visiting our old friend, Ronald McDonald, did you?  Rod swings by with his toddler to pick up some of the new healthier Chicken McNuggets.  Listen to hear this exclusive live recording taste test review!
  4. Rod finally lets Hugh get in on the act, as Mr. Gallon revisits our grilling episode and updates listeners on his new found easy gas grilling lifestyle.  After listening, you’ll understand why Rod is always right when it comes to the ease and clean burn of CHARCOAL.