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Wild Berry Skittles

Wild Berry Skittles

When a tried and true brand like Skittles branches out with alternate versions it itself, I love the opportunity to try something old in a new way. It’s yet another food justification to add to my list of reasons to get snacks. I wouldn’t buy standard Skittles on a whim – but new Skittles flavor? Eh, I better check that out! It’s WILD. I’m WILD, HARDCORE, and EXTREME!

Skittles variations are nothing new and I am pleased that they have proven themselves in the test of time – Skittles Sours, Skittles Tropical, and Skittles Wild Berry (among others) have become mainstays on the candy shelf, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Given a choice, I’ll take Wild Berry over Original Skittles. I think they pack a little more flavor whereas standard Skittles focus more reliant on sugary sweetness. Each Wild Berry flavored Skittle is unique, and like standard Skittles, they can be enjoyed individually to savor each color, or by the handful to create a flavor medley.

But one has to ask – is it truly the flavor I am loving or the novelty? If I were to do blind taste test, could I parse out my beloved Wild Berry and good reasons for my preference? Then again, is flavor the only component? While we try to be objective taste reviewers, we also then have to ask whether the novelty is part of the experience, and therefore relevant? Sure, I could do a blind taste test – but what would that prove? I think I like them better – therefore I do…Oh who am I kidding – stay tuned for a future episode of the Hungry Dads Podcast wherein I will take the ultimate Skittles Challenge!