Take 5 Candy Bar

Take 5 is the party mix of candy bars, offering a bit of everything – chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, peanuts, and pretzels. As far a variety, its second only perhaps to the long gone Good Stuff bar.* If you are having trouble choosing your candy at the counter, it’s a safe bet for satisfying your candy craving without too much contemplation. The main down side is probably Take 5’s net weight. Take 5 isn’t as hefty as a Butterfinger or as hearty as a Snickers.

Comedian Nick Kroll is an unabashed fan of Take 5. He is now a celebrity endorser of Take 5 – but only after years of honest, self motivated, unpaid, public promotion for the product. As legend has it, he promoted it so hard, for free, just because he was afraid they would stop making it. That is the kind of activism we can get behind.

* I tried to research the Good Stuff bar for this article and found the Internet largely ignorant of it. Good stuff was around only available for a brief period of my childhood. But as I recall it had chocolate, rice crispy puffs, caramel, nougat, peanuts, and maybe raisins. The best part – it was just 25 cents. Hungry Dads is currently mounting a Beefy Crunch Movement style campaign to bring it back. Donations accepted.