Strawberry Cream Mini Peeps

Strawberry Cream Mini Peeps 

Despite looking more like zygotes than cute little chicks, these Strawberry Cream Mini Peeps deliver on every flavor level   .This was a pleasant surprise to me since I’m not a lover of classic Peeps.   Like another Easter candy mini I reviewed recently, the success here is due to the snack’s smaller size.

First, mini-Peeps are just easier to eat. When you are eating a classic Peep. You have to either bite it in half or eat it all at once. Neither is a great option. Biting it results in a small shower of external sugar dust onto your hand, lap, floor, car or bjorned baby’s head. Eating a classic Peep whole is an even larger burden since they are literally a mouthful – and not in an enjoyable way.

Second, and equally important, the scaled down Peeps offer a much more satisfying marshmallow-to-exterior-sugar ratio. The crunching of little sugar crystals between your teeth is one of the redeeming qualities of the peep. With these minis, you get more of that sugar per bite, thanks simply to scaling ratios and surface area.

Finally, to discuss the flavor – strawberry cream was a winner. I certainly sensed the “creamy” nature, which made the strawberry candy flavor more than just pink sugar. The Peeps peeps (people) are trying to make their product a year-round candy. Commendable effort. I am not sure I would buy mini-peeps as a regular snack or even an impulse buy. But around Easter, these will be one of my favorite choices. If I see a coupon in non-Easter seasons,  I might clip it. And if fans send me a bag, they will get devoured.

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