M&Ms Smores

Smores M&Ms

… impressively there was a smokiness to the taste, which evoked a classic campfire…

These are basically your “crispy style” M&M with s’morish flavoring.  I assume the crispy center is supposed to evoke the graham cracker.  The chocolate is obviously there.  I can’t say I tasted marshmallow. But impressively there was a smokiness, which evoked a classic campfire taste – pretty clever.  My main criticism is the crispy style itself, which I find to be lacking in that they are too light and airy. They lack the heartiness of sheer net weight of other M&M styles.  Too much air in there.

M&Ms is another of many food brands that are expanding their line with gimmicky and promotional foods and flavors.  Graham/smore flavor has been en-vogue for the last year or so – effectively so in my opinion.  These gimmick flavors are usually limited time only.  But sometimes, they transcend to full time offerings (love ya McGriddle!). Could Smores M&Ms become a classic flavor? Probably not. They are tasty enough.