Russell Stover Great Pumpkin

When I think of Russ Stover, my mind immediately goes to Easter, and more specifically, generic chocolate Easter treats that may or may not be shaped like a bunny. Come to find out, Russ Stover is also a major player in the darker pagan holiday scene. I applaud his diversity, and was intrigued enough to check out Mr. Stover’s Great Pumpkin: milk chocolate with caramel filling.

According to the package, the Great Pumpkin is 2X larger than what I can only assume is the Russ Stover Mediocre Pumpkin, or perhaps their Big Wuss Pumpkin offering.  Upon opening the wrapper, I kind of expected to see some sort of pumpkin shape or design.  Nope.  Not even a token chocolate stem. Just a large slab of chocolate with presumably a layer of caramel in there somewhere.

What the Great Pumpkin lacked in appearance, it made up for in taste, which was a pleasant surprise.  The chocolate was tasty, and seemed to be of higher quality than the average candy bar.  The caramel was sweet and seemingly fresh.  Most importantly, the caramel to chocolate ratio was perfect.  This is an often overlooked aspect in the candy world, but it’s rare to find that perfect balance of flavors… and yes…. it was a large generous portion of pumpkin.  And by pumpkin, I mean slab of chocolate filled with caramel… the way all pumpkins should be.