Reese’s Pumpkin

I was in a hurry running a few errands last week when this guy caught my eye at the local drug store. Pumpkin flavored Reese’s??? What is the world coming to??? I was certainly intrigued, though.

I’m just gonna come clean here. This isn’t a pumpkin flavored candy. Which logically, I kinda know. But I was in a hurry and distracted. The Reese’s PEANUT BUTTER and chocolate was shaped like a pumpkin. Kind of. It tasted like a Reese’s, but with a slightly higher peanut butter to chocolate ratio. The real lesson here is even an errant candy purchase is a good candy purchase. If I buy the wrong kind of batteries or the wrong size shoes, that’s a problem. Mislead by candy? I’ll roll with it. Thank you, candy!!!