Oreo Fireworks

Oreo Fireworks – First, rest assured that these are tasty as any standard Oreo. The fireworks is not a flavor, but a texture – a pop rocks-style candy bursts and pops in your mouth as you eat the Oreo. The synergy of the cookie and the popping are surprisingly enjoyable and at first, subtle.  But after eating a few, I experimented with my chewing and swallowing pace – savoring the cookie a bit more. With some time, the pop-rocks really worked their magic and brought it all to the next level. 

I might actually like Oreo Fireworks better than traditional Oreos.  Taste-wise, they are the same, but the pop rock fireworks make them extra fun, encourage savoring, and actually slow the pace of consumption, which extends the life of a bag of Oreos – from one afternoon to maybe one whole day.