Oreo Churros

Oreo Churros (in the freezer case) – Churros are a Spanish treat consisting of fried dough covered in cinnamon and sugar.  Oreos are a chocolate sandwich cookie with a white cream filling.  Oreo Churros are the probable offspring of these two unlikely lovers.  While tasty, worth a try, and a good idea on paper, I’m not sure Oreo Churros bring the best traits of each parent.

First let’s talk texture. My favorite thing about a churro is the crunchy sweet cinnamon sugar that coats the outside.  It’s a nice compliment to the churro’s chewy tube of dough. And remember, a churro doesn’t have any filling – the dough tube is hollow. Meanwhile the Oreo cookie’s main feature is cream filling inside a crispy cookie.  The exterior of the Oreo Churro is a plain cake-like tube, so sugar crust or sprinkled atop it.  The interior of Oreo’s churro is a cream that is sufficiently reminiscent of an Oreo’s. The whole thing gets cooked in the oven, which results in some crunchiness on the outside (but not comparable to a proper deep fried churro) with an oozing cream in the middle

Now let’s talk flavor. The finished product out of the oven is undeniably tasty, but not more so than any churro or a classic Oreo. The whole thing unfortunately and unsurprisingly lacks any freshness and suffers from a hint of an inevitable “freezerburn” taste.  If you have a deep fryer in your home (I don’t) and want to pull it out, fire it up and dump some Oreo Churros into bubbling oil, I bet you could the entire treat could be elevated quite a bit.  But prepared in the oven as directed, they were good, but not great.

I also taste tested Oreo Churros frozen, straight from the box, without doing anything at all.  This was easier of course, and pretty darn tasty.  The frozen churro provided its own unique eating experience that might be a pretty decent treat on a hot summer day.