Ne-mos Breakfast Dome

Dear Ne-mos,

The Better Half Breakfast Dome is an excellent idea and even a better name. I was excited to try your product, in part, due to its, intentional or not, vague reference to Seinfeld. Although at this point, is anything not a Seinfeld reference? In Episode 151, “The Muffin Tops,” Elaine passionately describes that the best part of a muffin is the top (as opposed to the stump) because, “Its crunchy. It’s explosive. It’s where the muffin breaks free from the pan and sort of does its own thing.”

I hoped and expected that the Better Half Breakfast Dome would deliver on Elaine’s dream with an explosive crunch in a stumpless muffin top. A true muffin top is crusty and smooth with a soft (but not spongy) interior. The Better Half Breakfast Dome, while a perfectly suitable piece of cake, missed the mark in establishing itself as a muffin top doppelganger. The Better Half Breakfast Dome is soft on top and throughout – nothing like a muffin top. It’s sticky and cake-like, not muffin-like .

Ne-mos, I am writing this letter as a fan , not to criticize your fine company, but to encourage you to revamp the Breakfast Dome product and try to realize a true muffin top style. There is a spot in the market for a true muffin top breakfast pastry. You have a winning name and concept on your hands. You have a unique and recognizable product for legions of Seinfeld fans (even without any official licensing) who adore any reference to their favorite shows’ silly premises. Not to mention simple muffin devotees.  But this premise, the muffin top, isn’t silly. It’s legitimate. Muffin fans would rejoice.  It would be delicious of done well.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hugh Gallon