M&M’s White Boooterscotch Review

octoberfest, snacks, reviews, robot, food reviews, snacktoberfest

octoberfest, snacks, reviews, robot, food reviews, snacktoberfest


Big butterscotch fan here. I’ve always found it to be a little underrated as both a candy and a flavor in general. So, I was quite interested in these super spooky M&M White Boooooooterscotches that i found at Target… apparently they’re a Target exclusive, so don’t go looking for these bad boys anywhere else.

Onto the review: don’t go looking for these bad boys, period.  While I applaud a fresh Halloween pun such as Booooterscotch, the flavor and composition of this M&M offering had a few drawbacks:

  1. Wax mouth. I’ve discovered this phenomenon with various candies that have been overly artificially flavored. A waxy residue builds up in the mouth, and generally sticks to the cheeks and tongue. Kinda gross.
  2. Weird Density.  Plain M&M’s are soft and almost dissolve in the mouth. Peanut M&M’s have a nice crunch with the peanut center. I’ve found Peanut Butter, and now Boooooterscotch to fall in a weird density twilight zone of being just weirdly dense. May or may not be related to wax mouth… still trying to reconcile the two phenomenon.
  3. Overly Sweet.  While the butterscotch flavor was quite noticeable and fairly accurate, it seems like they injected about a pound of extra sugar into each piece. I like sweet stuff, but after 3 or 4 of these bad boys, I had to take a break.

Overall, I’d recommend steering clear of Booooterscotch this Halloween.  They’re a tad too scary waxy dense sweet.