M&M Pretzel

Pretzel M&Ms – Most people are fans of the chocolate covered pretzel, so why not bag ’em up bite sized with a thin candy coating? Unfortunately Pretzel M&Ms are an inferior M&M and and inferior chocolate covered pretzel. As an M&M, it’s not very hearty or dense. With a Net Weight of 1.14 ounces per regular bag, it can’t compete with the density of a peanut M&M or even the Crispy M&M. My candy purchase has to be more filling than that. As a chocolate covered pretzel, it’s tasty, but substandard. The pretzel inside is fairly large and well salted, and the flavor ratios are spot on. But the candy shell is a distraction in texture. Smooth chocolate over crunchy pretzel. That’s the profile I want. Crunch, then chocolate, then pretzel crunch? My mouth is confused and crowded