Hostess Deep Fried Twinkies

Hostess Deep Fried Twinkies (from the freezer case) – I bought these with far too high of expectations. That’s my fault.  They were certainly tasty, and probably even better than they could have been, for a “make it at home” frozen food.  Deep fried Twinkies are somewhat of a “state fair food” legend – a decedent and ostentatious junk food offering that is worthy of some buzz.  It’s not surprising that somebody over at Hostess decided to try and bring that magic onto my kitchen.  However, stored in the freezer and then baked in oven, Hostess Deep Fried Twinkies are quite simply, not deep fried.  (unless you have a deep fryer at home, and even then, are you gonna haul it out for this?)

Hostess Deep Fried Twinkies offer an unimpressive outer layer of precooked batter outside of a Twinkie.  The internal Twinkie itself is a little denser than a traditional Twinkie, but the flavor is just about right.

Hot out of the oven, it’s defiantly delicious with its warm yellow cake and oozing white filling. The unimpressive outer layer of batter tasted like “freezer-burn” and kept me from imagining a genuine state fair experience.  I think you could get an equally enjoyable experience (or perhaps more enjoyable) from putting a standard Twinkie in a toaster oven.

I also taste tested the Hostess Deep Fried Twinkie frozen, straight from the box, without doing anything at all.  This was easier of course, and pretty darn tasty.  The frozen Twinkie provided its own unique eating experience and it didn’t have to compete with the state fair legend status of the fried Twinkie.  Frozen Twinkies, I think might be a pretty decent treat on a hot summer day.