Hershey’s Candy Corn

This seasonal offering has caught my eye over the past few Halloweens, and my reaction has been an immediate “ewwww” in my mind. Candy corn has always kinda skeeved me. Way too sweet. Way too pyramidal. Too many colors. So why would I want to try it in oversized candy bar format?  This year, I decided to take the plunge strictly as a professional snack podblogger. I somewhat sheepishly brought this to the register of my local gas station, and my confidence took a further hit when the cashier quickly and boldly asked (I kid you not), “You like this stuff?!?!?!” I may have been the first person in the history of this gas station to buy one.

I’ll end the suspense now:  It was fairly gross. Mainly a white chocolate bar with a few seemingly actual candy corn pieces mixed in. I actually enjoy white chocolate, but an entire block of it is a little extreme for even my sweet tooth. As for the candy corn enthusiast weirdos out there… they’re sure to be disappointed in the relative lack of candy corn flavoring compared to the onslaught of white chocolate.