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Cracker Jack’d Hearty Mix PB & Chocolate

Cracker Jack’d Hearty Mix PB & Chocolate Review

Cracker Jacks, in an apparent attempt to stay relevant is offering its Jack’d line, of snacks, which bear little resemblance to its classic molasses-popcorn of “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” fame. Cracker Jack’d are basically chocolate covered nuts and stuff (no popcorn) that are really yummy.

I’ve never seen this snack advertised anywhere, and find it at my local pharmacy (a Walgreens) but no place else. I only really visit the pharmacy when I’m sick need some medicine. As luck would have it, I was sick last week. Illness is a pretty solid food excuse and snacking justification. I once heard a wise man say that chocolate is the best medicine. I think it was Mr. Goodbar.

Cracker Jack’d Hearty Mix PB & Chocolate is super tasty in large part thanks to these tiny little crunchy things that fill in the gaps between large nut clusters. I am not sure what they are (toffee?) but they add a satisfying series of staggered crunches in every bite.

Perhaps the best feature of Cracker Jack’d Hearty Mix PB & Chocolate is the packaging. It offers a vertical style package that sturdily stands upright when held with one hand. The rip away top reveals a wide (but not too wide) cylindrical mouth that smoothly and evenly pours the snack into my mouth with easily controlled portions without any obstruction. The smooth, unencumbered, tube-like opening makes it virtually impossible for any of my beloved crunchies to bounce or fly amiss from its direct-to-mouth-target. This is an essential on-the-go characteristic for those of us who love to drink their snacks.