Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milk n Cereal Bars

In a world of absurd snack ideas, extreme products, and odd partnerships, I find cereal (and milk!) bars to be perhaps the most laughable. Not in a bad way, but at what point did we decide it was plausible to condense a food that requires liquid and a bowl into a bar?

I was very curious to try Cinammon Toast Crunch’s entry into the bar category, mainly because it’s one of my favorite cereals of all time. As importantly, though, what was this milk all about?

The bar was a thick layer of compacted Cinammon Toast Crunch with a thin layer of white “frosting” in the middle. Not surprisingly, the bar was very sweet, even moreso than I expected. The toast crunch flavor was very subtle, actually, and somewhat overshadowed by the sheer sugar sweetness. The “milk” filling was delicious. Kind of like Oreo filling, but slightly fluffier (and nothing like milk). I was left wanting more, though… it was also kind of lost in the sheer sugary sweetness of the toast crunch bar.

Overall, it was a delicious cereal bar. Did it taste much like Cinammon Toast Crunch? Not really. It was just a sugar explosion, just the way breakfast should be.