twinkie, chocodile, hostess, Chocolate covered sponge cake with creamy filling

Choco Twinkies

Hostess Chocodile Chocolate Covered Twinkies

Twinkies went extinct in 2012 after Hostess went bankrupt, but were brought back to life a year later with much fanfare.  A new offering, the Chocodile/ Chocolate Covered Twinkie at least shows an effort for innovation in the Twinkie area.  However this didn’t feel or taste like a Twinkie.  Its hard to be sure if its a bit off due to the chocolate or the new Twinkie recipe that was revealed under new management.  Either way, the chocolate texture and quality is reminiscent of other chocolate covered snack cakes (ring dings, swiss rolls), leaving me to wonder why a Twinkie needs to be chocolate covered?  The sticky sponge cake is compromised by the chocolate. The whole thing was fairly dense in an un-Twinkie-like way.

HD Twinkie copy

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