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Cadbury Heroes Chocolate Pack review

Snacktoberfest Day 1 – bringing you a new snack review every day in the month of October!

Cadbury Heroes Chocolate Pack (from the UK)

My good pal JW the Beef and Bacon Baron brought me back this treat from across the pond.

Dairy Milk –Cadbury chocolate is creamier and silkier than standard American chocolate (Hershey’s for example).  In a chocolate-only bar, this melt-in-your mouth style chocolate is definitely superior and very enjoyable.

Caramel Chocolate – For candy bar coverage – over nuts, nougat, and to encase pockets of caramel, I prefer the more sturdy American chocolate. The sweet, silky chocolate blended too smoothly with the caramel in both texture and flavor.  For this type of bar I like some varying texture.

Cadbury Cream Egg – This is the most special offering of the lot. Cadbury cream eggs are a seasonal specialty that I love.  But, I have always felt that the Cadbury Crème Egg could use a little more chocolate.  Based on the sheer factor of scaling and mathematical ratio, these bite size versions end up having more chocolate per bite of cream.  Highly successful in flavor and also easier to eat.

Fudge – Tasty, but it didn’t taste like fudge. The inside is not dark brown.  It was tan and nougat flavored.  It could’ve been better with some nuts or crucnchies for more texture.

Eclairs – These are tasty caramel/toffee like candies that get stuck in your teeth if you chew them with your back molars.

Wispas – From the name for some reason I, expected something crisp inside (“crisp” rhymes with “wisp?”).  Maybe my English to English translation skills need some work.  I bit into the Wispa and found pure chocolate with little bubbles/holes inside.  This made the already light British chocolate even lighter.  If you like light and airy, you’ll like this.

Twirl – I cannot review the Twirl becasue my mother-in-law ate the last one before I could review it. (it’s okay, she’s great)