Birthday Cake Popcorn (Target Store Brand)

Cake popcorn. Now here’s an idea that’s overdue and rife with potential. Sweet popcorn, but flavored with sweet dust stuff – rather than with hardened caramel or brightly colored sugar shellac. Popcorn has an allure as a quasi-healthy snack by its very nature. Cover the exterior with a tasty flavor that is sweet but not too “sugary” and you’ve got a quasi-healthy-seeming snack option.  Next, set up a cross promotion with Hostess or Mars – Twinkie Popcorn, HoHo Popcorn, Snickers Popcorn. Bam! But setting these sweet pipe-dreams aside, I am happy to have met this Birthday Cake Popcorn. Its super tasty and plenty sweet – but not oversweet.    Target does it right with their foray into the post-modern artificial flavor favorite – birthday cake.