7-Select Fudge Mint Cookies

It’s a well-known fact that Thin Mints are the unquestioned favorite Girl Scouts Cookie flavor. Especially, if you like mint flavored stuff like I do.  Hence, I was excited to see the latest in the 7-11 (7-Select) branded cookie category – Fudge Mint.  They’ve simply replaced the “Thin” part of the mint with a “Fudge” descriptor, and there you have it… they’ve ripped off the Girls Scouts of America.  BUT NO, THEY HAVEN’T!!!!  These bad boys are extremely non-thin, and they actually DO have a fudge flavor.  They’ve packed a lot of dense fudge mint flavor into these delicious offerings, and I’m just gonna come out and say it… they are superior to Thin Mints.  I also did a little math, and they are about 100x cheaper per ounce than Thin Mints. So, support your local 7-11 business chain conglomerate next time you’re in the market for some minty cookies. The Girl Scouts can always fall back on their Samoas since everyone says they’re the best anyway.