7-Select Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Bar

IMG_8764I know 7-11 has been branching out with their in-store brand lately, but I was pretty surprised to run across a dark chocolate and sea salt offering. Surprised and pleased, because I’m a big fan of salted dark chocolate. For one thing, we all know that dark chocolate is super healthy for us, and we should binge on it whenever possible. Okay, so salt isn’t super healthy, but a few sprinkles doesn’t hurt anything, right?

I was expecting the 7-Select chocolate to be anything but real “dark” chocolate, and I wasn’t disappointed. Not a hint of bitterness (not sure what the FDA requirements are for labeling something “dark” chocolate, but me thinks 7-11 is skirting the rules), and the chocolate was quite tasty. Now, about those few sprinkles of salt… you know how sometimes you get a batch of fries at McDonald’s that has about triple the amount of usual salt on them?  Like, it’s good at first, but then it’s just too much?  That’s exactly what happened with the 7-Select bar. It caught me completely off guard, because I never considered too much salt in a chocolate bar would be an issue (or even a bad thing), but this bad boy was S-A-L-T-Y!  Someone check the seas of the world, because I’m pretty sure 7-11 just desalinated a few of them.  Did I eat the whole bar? You bet. Would I get it again? Probably, if I have a gallon of water nearby.