7-Select Chocolate Chip Mini Cookie Cups

IMG_8694I’m generally a fan of the cookie cup style cookies. For those not familiar, they’re basically comprised of a giant chocolate chip (or Hershey’s Kiss) housed inside a scooped out cookie shell thing.  Let’s not overly complicate things here: the chocolate is the king of this cookie style. In fact, the only time I’ve found myself disappointed in cookie cups is when the cookie shell is way too hard or even stale. There is clearly a structural integrity consideration, as you can’t stuff too large of a chocolate glop in the middle of a soft cookie shell, and then stick it on a store shelf for a week. But at some point, if you get the cookie shell too hard, it becomes a hindrance – just getting in the way of the delicious chocolate middle.

That brings me to the 7-Select offering in this category. As you may have guessed by now, the giant chocolate chip center was quite on point… surprisingly fresh, rich, and abundant. However, the cookie cup shell was… REALLY hard.  I ended up just scooping out the chocolate, because the shell was just kind of gross. Perhaps mass producing this style of cookie is too bold an endeavor, even for a multinational conglomerate like 7-11. As we discussed in Episode 58, 7-11 has hit some home runs with a few of their in-store brands, but cookie cups are best left to the homemade bakers out there.