Veggie Straws

Is it just me, or are we in the midst of a full fledged Veggie Straws craze? I see these things everywhere… parties, grocery stores, gas stations, my nightmares… Admittedly, I’ve avoided the craze due to the whole veggie thing, but I finally gave in recently.

Here’s the verdict: they’re good. Quite airy, crunchy, and with a nice amount of salt. The various “veggie” colors all taste the same, which is a good thing in my opinion. HOWEVER, not to burst everyone’s veggie bubbles, but these things aren’t much healthier than potato chips. The marketing gurus are using some snappy veggie wording coupled with minute traces of carrot dust to create a “healthy option” in minds of consumers. Not Cracklin Oat Sham level of deception, but devious for sure.

Nonetheless, they taste pretty good, I could eat about 3,000 without getting stuffed, and they make me look responsible to the masses out there. That’s ok enough to make it into my snacking repertoire.