Veggie Straws – Cheddar Cheese

cheddarI reviewed the straight-up Sea Salt flavored Veggie Straws last Snacktoberfest, so it made perfect sense from a website/podcast marketing continuity standpoint for me, a cutting edge snack blogger, to review the Cheddar Cheese flavor this year!

Okay, I’ll come clean… I ordered these out of a vending machine and didn’t notice they were Cheddar flavored until I popped the first one in my mouth. Was I pleasantly surprised or just surprised???  I’d say it was pleasant.  Listen, as I said last year, Veggie Straws aren’t very healthy. They’re not kale and broccoli pureed into power juice and then stone fired into a solid straw format.  So, why not add some cheese dust?  The dust was seemingly of high quality, provided a nice tang, and the overall airy crunchy texture of the straw was a nice compliment. In reality, the straws just provided a platform for munching on some delicious cheese dust, and there were probably some suckers out there who thought I was actually being healthy.  A win-win situation in my opinion.