Starkist Flavored Tuna


I am aware that it all looks like cat food. Probably tastes like it too, which is merely a commentary on the impressively high quality cat foods on the market. Real meat and fish? These cats eat better than my kids!

Starkist (not a cross branding promotion by Sunkist and Starburst) gives Tuna with some allure with unique flavors.

Mango Chipotle Salmon – (okay not tuna. Stay tuna-ed – there are more reviews coming).  Nice mix up to standard tuna/tuna salad here. The sauce is not creamy like a mayonnaise, but the texture is still smooth.  The salmon was fine, but don’t expect sushi-quality flavor.  The mango chipotle flavor was pretty good. Certainly good enough to buy again. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend that I did not know what the package said to see if I could detect Mango Chipotle specifically.  Sort of.  The chipotle wasn’t spicy per say. More peppery. The mango was subtle at best.  But there was a sweetness that may as well be called mango.  I’d certainly prefer that over mega-mango.

Kids Creations Honey BBQ – for kids? Ok.  Well maybe it’s for kids because grown ups very quickly figure out that they could save some money by taking normal tuna and squirting in thier favorite BBQ sauce.  That’s not to say this isn’t tasty.  It’s pretty good, and another nice way to tune up my tuna.  But I am not gonna pay a premium for it.  The honey was understated – essentially not noticeable.  But if you were unsure if tuna and BBQ can go together, wonder no more. It can.




Kids Creations Bacon Ranch – Once you put this one on a sandwich, most of the unique flavor is lost, and you end up with a fairly normal tuna sandwich.  Ranch flavor is nascent to non-existent.  A hint of smokiness that’s meant to be bacon.  Neither flavor makes itself clear.  But  this creation does make for a tasty tuna experience on account of its well-proportioned saltiness and mild smokiness.  They could have more appropriately called it “Smoked Tuna” but that may not sell as a Kids Creation.  This one is tasty, if a little light on he ranch flavor. Ranch dressing is usually creamy while this pre-flavored tuna isn’t gunked with any mayonnaise-y stuff.  The tuna texture is maintained, which is good.  Some pre-made tuna comes already in a mayonnaise substance. In that pre-packaged form tuna is usually mushy, with the tuna and mayonnaise mixed homogeneously (with the same proportions throughout) rather than heterogeneously (proportions of the ingredients vary throughout).  Pre-packaged,  mayo and tuna form a sort of slush or slurry.  Gladly, Starkist Flavor Creations Ranch does NOT suffer this fate.  Here, it’s like the powder from a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch mixed into a can of drained tuna. A bit salty perhaps, but not too salty. If anything, they could’ve poured on a bit more flavor.  I was hoping for the Cool Ranch Doritos of Tuna. Instead it was the less zesty, but serviceable, Fritos Ranch of tuna.

Hot Buffalo Style – This is a unique twist on flavored tuna that hits the right notes.  One could argue that the tuna flavor is overshadowed by he buffalo, but I don’t consider that to be a crime.  It’s not like this is Grade A, fresh caught tuna.  Canned (or here, pouched) tuna is tasty enough.  But it can always use some help.  This Starkist Buffalo Tuna has a nice kick.  But it’s not too spicy.  Its good, probably the best in Starkist’s line of flavor creations.