riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps


I’m not one to pass up a gourmet brown rice crisp. Or so I’ve found out based on my one and only encounter with such crisps. It happened yesterday at my local grocery store, and I opted for a lovely sounding Parmasean & Sun Dried tomato variety.

The flavor struck me as potentially delicious, although I was somewhat leery of the brown rice deliverer of said flavor. My general philosophy is that flavoring and chip dust, when done right, trumps the chip/cracker/crisp portion of the snack. In other words, delicious dust masks everything else.

My hypothesis generally held true with the riceworks crisps. The dust was generous and tasty, and the rice crisp was simply an edible surface for the dust. No more and no less. Minus the dust, it would be a bland brown crunchy thing.

Again, this is a “healthy” alternative that isn’t all that healthy. There are plenty of calories, and a surprising amount of fat for a rice based item. They are, however, free of that pesky gluten, I assume the fat is the better kind of fat, and they’re probably free of fertilizer, rat poison, and those other pesky ingredients you’ll find in traditional potato chips.