Fruit Snacks – A Comparison

Fruit Snacks a side-by-side, by-side, by-side

…it’s a question of viscosity, durability, and bounce-back against your bite…

Annie’s Fruit Snacks – Annie’s is a brand that prides itself on being organic and therefore perceived as more healthy and therefore okay to give to your kids.  Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. But it’s certainly the most socially acceptable. These are as tasty as any gummy bear you are going to find, albeit the more gelatin in texture, in that you don’t need to vigorously chew to dissolve it.

Motts Fruit Snacks – This style of fruit snack gets caught in your teeth.  A single bite will cut through a piece as they are stiffer and less viscous.  These were soft like Annie’s, and also presumably “healthy” since they come from Motts – the applesauce people.  Applesauce is healthy right? Probably not.  While on the on the gummy/gelatin side of things, Motts Fruit Snacks required a bit more chewing than Annie’s and bounced back from my bite more readily before losing its preformed shape. Like all entries on this list, they taste more like candy than fruit.

Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks – These are by far the chewiest with the most bounce-back on your teeth. They don’t get stuck in your teeth and won’t dissolve until you’ve chewed them semi vigorously.   Kelloggs probably has even less health cred, since everyone has figured out that cereal is just “cookies in a bowl.” Perhaps ironically, these are the least like gummy bears in texture.  The sweetness and flavor is also the most pronounced on this list.

imageHello Kitty Fruit Snacks – These were more along the lines of the Kelloggs snacks, flavor-wise. Perhaps a bit less chewy.  These Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks are most notable for me because I pilfered them from a goodie bag my daughter got at a birthday party last week.  I justify this decision thusly: (1) there was only one and we have two kids.  My indulgence probably avoided a fight. (2) There has to be a statute of limitations on eating your kids’ snack, right?  She never asked for it. I, on the other hand, was watching it. Thinking about it. Wondering if she remembered it.  I think Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks and I were destined for each other.