Dandee Chicken Salad Sandwich


I’ve always been a bit of a gas station sandwich connoisseur. Your larger suburban stations will generally carry a variety of sandwiches in the refrigerated section next to the cheeses and other random items that gas stations have no business selling. When I was younger (like 35), I thought these sandwiches were made by the gas station employees. I pictured the cashier going back and whipping up a bowl of chicken salad in his free time. I now realize they are delivered by a regional sandwich conglomerate to all the local stations each morning. The sandwich monopoly in my area seems to be Dandee.

Based on the packaging, Mr. Dandee is a slick whippersnapper who has been hearing things out of his left ear since 1956. But can he make a delicious and reasonably priced chicken salad sandwich? Of course he can. Mr. Dandee likes him some mayo. And then some more mayo. Then sprinkle in a few shreds of chicken before adding more mayo. The uber generic white bread is soft, fresh, and integrates beautifully with the mayo salad inside.

For those who are afraid of the gas station sandwich, I say, “fear not.” Just look at Mr. Dandee up there. Would he lead you astray?