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TGI Fridays Popcorn Chicken Sweet and Smoky

TGI Fridays Popcorn Chicken Sweet and Smoky

We here at Hungry Dads love telling you which snacks are “worth it,” and which are not – because, let’s face it, our loving wives, tightened budgets, and aging bodies put some natural limits no how much junk we can (or should) intake. Now, most everything junk food related is tasty enough. That’s why finding a BAD one is perhaps even more important to finding a good one. Seldom do we out-and-out tell our fans to avoid something – after all, how could processed, fried salt, meat, flour and sugar go wrong from a taste standpoint? Well, it can in the form of TGI Fridays Popcorn Chicken (in the freezer aisle of your grocery store).

This “popcorn chicken” was bad. After trying one, I threw away almost all of it (and that is saying something, coming from me). How were these so revolting? From the outside they look pretty excellent – a ping pong ball sized clump of fried breading covered in a sweet, spicy sauce. But upon first bite, I learned that there was almost no chicken inside! I know what you are thinking. That doesn’t even make sense! I agree! I was confused. I got some clarity when I saw the sub-description on the packaging, “white meat chicken fritter.” So wait – is this a fritter or is it popcorn chicken?

If there was no chicken inside – then what was inside? Inside each “fritter” was air (yes empty air) and a mouthful of piping hot, overbearing BBQ sauce. I love BBQ sauce – but I don’t drink the stuff. I thought the first one must have been defective (like those Whoppers malted milk balls that have the malt on the inside all gooey instead of crunchy – they are the best). So I tried a second one. Same thing. Third. Same. I finally cut them all open and found an odd, thin layer of processed chicken encompassing a steamy void.   With the press of a fork, each one burst open with pungent blop of sauce wating inside.

I suppose it’s possible I got a whole defective box. But I’m not giving TGI Fridays Popcorn Chicken Sweet and Smoky a second date. It’s over.