Sugar Cookie Pringles

photo-1Limited Edition Pringles Sugar Cookies flavor taste 75% like a potato chip and 25% like a sugar cookie.  That’s the right balance and nicely leaves 0% for any unsettling, weird, or off-putting taste.  Some gimmick potato chip flavors go too far into the uncanny valley of flavor – making for a spooky or chemical laden or taste experience.  Some do not go far enough – robbing the eater any unique experience.

These Pringles suffer neither problem.  Salty enough to be a chip. Sweet enough with the right chemicals to mimic the right amount of sugar cookie.  And the  salty/sweet ratio is just right.  Further, these chips are not over-flavored with the salt nor the sweet.  Pringles was surprising and effective with its light touch of the right flavors.

Limited Edition Pringles Sugar Cookies flavor join the ranks of “salty/sweet” potato chip hybrid gimmicks, that I have reviewed kindly on this site. Sadly these types of flavors are not catching on with the populace like I would have hoped or expected.   “Salty/sweet” potato chip hybrids like Pringles Sugar Cookie deserve to graduate from gimmick to normal fare, like the venerable McGriddle did on the McDonalds menu.