Starburst Sweet Heat

REVIEW Starburst Sweet Heat – Here we have a unique idea, well executed, that delivers a nice flavor and exactly what the package promises.  Still – would not buy again.  The victory here is that they are not terrible. In fact by some measures they are quite good.  I am sure there is some segment of the population who has a “sweet heat” tooth. But most of us, when going to the candy aisle are going to stick with tried and true chocolate concoctions, or a fruit candy option.  Sure, there are variations on the theme – like how sour fruit candy has a secure foothold as a candy category. And redhots and cinnamon bites have their own niche (mostly with an octogenarian crowd nowadays).  Wheras there is actual, “sour fruit,” that people enjoy, there isn’t really a “spicy fruit.”  I don’t see “sweet heat,” having similar broad appeal.  That said, if it ever does hit the bigtime, Starburst has the prototype.   Starburst Sweet Heat does that thing that is done magically by jalapeno jelly and mango salsa – make spice and fruit go together palatably.