Mystery Oreo

Mystery Oreo Review – In the winter of 2017 America was abuzz with the mystery of the white Oreo package.  After a parade of gimmick flavors, Oreo upped the gimmick factor by not telling us the flavor, leaving it up to our taste buds and imaginations.  The flavor ended up being, “Fruity Pebbles” cereal – a guess made by many on the internet.  (meanwhile the Hungry Dads predicted Key Lime Pie).  We imagine Oreo did the this particular flavor as its mystery gimmick since on its face, the flavor was pretty terrible.  Without the mystery gimmick, the buzz on these would have been all bad, focusing on the taste.  They had an extreme sweetness tinged with a gross bitter note (hence the Key Lime guess).  Turns out the bitterness was just that odd aftertaste of extreme artificial flavoring.   Sure, once the suggestion was planted, I can see how they taste like Fruity Pebbles, albeit pretty gross.  Then again, I never loved Fruity Pebbles.