Lays Sea Salt and Lime Potato Chips

Wow.  These were a sweet surprise.   These were labeled, “Limited Time Flavor,” and I know that they are. But I have seen them from time to time before, at least in ethnic/foreign specialty shops and internationally.   Based on the name, my instinct on these is that these would simply meld the bitterness of lime with saltiness of a chip – an idea I didn’t love.  I am pleased to announce that Lays made a sweet potato chip (not a “sweet potato” chip, but a sweet “potato chip.”)  It would be more fitting to call this, limeade, or monitor, or margarita, given the sweetness.  Not that these are sugar bombs.  The sweetness is appropriate and well,balanced by salt.  I thought these would be a on the bitter side, or maybe very acidic. But happily, for me, sweetness reigned.